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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

b.liv by Cellnique Product Review and "Off with your heads" Sample Giveaway!

I was provided with some skincare products from Selina called "b.liv" (pronounced "believe") by cellnique to
write a review.

These are the products that I received (You can get all of these at the b.liv website):

And this table shows the recommended skincare routine to follow:

Squeaky Clean
Squeaky Clean
Off with those heads
Off with those heads
Shrink and Tighten +
Shrink and Tighten +
Quench Me /
own moisturizer
Quench Me
Sun Block
Shield Me
Glow and Shine and followed by Leach Me (once a week)

The above is a picture of:
Step 1: Squeaky Clean cleansing gel (Click link for product details).
This is a sample size so the full-sized packaging does not look like this. The main functions are supposed to cleanse, exfoliate, and control oil.
This product did a good job of cleansing my face. It has tiny beads and so it also was pretty good at exfoliating as well. I usually have combination skin (Oily T-Zone and dry cheeks) and so it did keep my t-zone oil-free but it can leave your cheeks a bit dry if you don't wear moisturizer after.

Overall, this product does what it claims. It also really does leave your skin with a "squeaky-clean" feel.

Step 2: Off with those heads (Click on link for product details) 

This is their full-size product. I think the packaging is pretty nice. Comes with a clear sleeve to cover the sleek metallic box.

This serum comes in a bottle that has a pump to dispense the product. Awesome way to keep skincare products hygienic. It has sort of a pleasant herbal-scent to it. As you can see in the picture above, the product is a clear gel and I'm usually worried it might make my skin feel sticky. But I was pleasantly surprised to feel the product absorb into my skin very fast leaving no residue. It didn't even feel like I had anything on my skin at all.
The directions say that you can apply up to 2-3 pumps but I found 1 pump to be plenty enough to cover my t-zone/areas with black and whiteheads.

One of the product precautions is that more oil may be secreted during initial period and that's what happened with my skin. Not a big problem. I just use facial blotters.
It cautions that sensitive skin may feel mild stinging. Fortunately, I did not experience any stinging.

I have used it for about 2 weeks already and I actually like it. It is a pretty good product. But if you want to see for yourself, b.liv  is generously giving away "Off with your heads" samples to the first 50 people that email them (Scroll to the bottom of this post for details).

Step 3: Shrink & Tighten (Click for product details).

Again... nice sleek packaging...

I liked the way it was packaged. Looks like nothing can leak out.
The tip is a rubbery-plastic-like tube that you put over the glass bottle after removing the metal part. This serum has more of a liquid consistency compared to "Off with your heads". It smells a bit similar to "Off with your heads" but a little more stronger. It is supposed to reduce large pores, firm and brighten the skin.

Once I applied this onto my skin, it gave a slight heating sensation which I thought was pretty awesome. I felt like it was melting all the gunk out of my pores or something :P
I thought the serum would leave my face oily since it felt like it on my fingers but it actually absorbed into my skin really well.

Step 4: Quence Me/ Own moisturizer
As for this step, I just used my own moisturizer.

Step 5: Shield Me (Click link for product details).

I got to try a sample size :) I don't usually like to wear sunblock because they have that typical nasty scent but this one was pretty nice. It was light-weight and it smelled nice. I can wear it over moisturizer and not feel like its too heavy.

Step 6: Glow and Shine Mask (click link for product details).

This stuff is AMAZING!!! I got to try their sample size and I really  need to get myself a full size bottle! This mask has a pretty rich and thick texture.. it also has tiny beads in it. Feels great on the skin. When I washed this mask off, I immediately felt AND saw a difference! My skin felt softer and smoother. It also gave my cheeks a pink flush of color!

Step 6: Leach me (click link for product details)

Nice packaging...

Face masks! :) "Leach me" claims to moisturize and it did. I had tried a drying mask that same day and it made my skin so dry it started to flake... eew...
"leach me" mask was drenched in so much product. You can literally see excess serum dripping from it. It is good for those who like to pat excess serum onto the neck as well :)
What can I say... face masks are always relaxing :) I left it on for about 20-30 minutes and it got rid of all the flaky skin. I did not use moisturizer after wearing this mask because my skin felt moisturized enough.
I still felt like there was serum on my face though. Maybe there was a lot of serum for my skin to fully absorb and I just needed to rub the excess in a bit more. I put on some mineral foundation on top of it and I was good to go though.


-Send an email to: 
With the Subject: "gurlythings"
Provide them with your mailing details and the first 50 people will receive a sample! :)

Special thanks to b.liv for hosting this sample giveaway!

The b.liv skincare website is also having their latest NEWBIE PROMOTION (Buy 1, Free 1):

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