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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wish me luck!

I'm taking my motorcycle test tomorrow! :P I'm so nervous :P but I will be back to reply to all of your comments and stuff soon though!!! :)
I've been practicing on my motorcycle and it was scorching hot outside today!!! 98 degrees!!! :O Not too excited bout tomorrow's weather... heard it's going to be 2 degrees hotter... bleh..
Was weird because I don't usually get burnt from the sun...I just tan..
but my face is aching eventhough I wore sunscreen!

Hope all of you are doing well :) I miss reading everybody's posts!!! :)

(The bike pictured above is not mine :P but its cute huh! :P I need to paint my bike pink :P)

Friday, June 26, 2009

More Blog Awards/Tags from such lovely ladies! <3

I got tagged by Nailz-iN-Aus and Sassy Jadore!!! Both are so so sweet!

The rules:1. Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.2. Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.3. Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.4. Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged.5. Paste the award badge in your side bar.

Interesting facts about Nailz-iN-Aus:
Nailz-iN-AuS tagged me for the "Uber Amazing Blog" and also the "I heart your blog" awards! :)
Nailz-iN-AuS is a very sweet sweet blogger from Australia.
Her nails are so pretty! She comes up with a lot of very creative nail art. One of my recent nail art posts was inspired by Nailz-iN-AuS's watermelon nail art! :) very cute design. I got quite a lot of compliments on my watermelon nails :P
Nailz-iN-AuS is such a wonderful person to talk to! she's so fun! She is also very supportive and encouraging :)
Right now, her nails are shorter than she usual likes but she still comes up with lots of fun nail polish swatches and designs to share!
Click here if you want to visit Nailz-iN-Aus's awesome blog!

Facts/Hobbies of myself:
1. I like all things girly: beauty, hair, nails, etc so its exciting to read and see so many talented ppl's beauty blogs.
2. One of my hobbies is crafts. I like to try to make things myself.
3. I prefer motorcycles over cars.
4. I got to live in Thailand for 5 years.
5. I get motion-sick quite easily but I still like rollercoasters.
6. I'm allergic to seafood but still eat it anyway. I think it's one of my favorite types of food. :P
7. My favorite number is seven.
8. My favorite color is pink.
9. I visited Japan only once.
10. I have grown quite addicted to blogging! :P

Ten Most deserving recipients:
1. Sassy Jadore- She's so awesome! She has such a FABULOUS beauty blog! She also shares cute japanese mag scans, movie reviews, and yummy looking food/desserts...
I like her little outfits she picks out to go out too.
2. Ekimura- loves all things kawaii! super cute and kind too :) She's a very talented makeup artist and has many great makeup reviews. She also makes very cute hair accesories (bows, headbands, etc).
3.Monika- Loves fashion! :) She also is very knowledgeable with all things beauty since she used to work as a pro! ;) very pretty and her dog is oh-so-cute!
4. Katrina- She's a princess! :) Beautiful person with a beautiful family. She shares so many sexy looks and her baby is adorable!
5. Nic Nic- I love her accent!!! Another pretty beauty blogger with lots of great product reviews. I've been loving her bold looks she has been coming up with lately!
6. Bittenbefore- Such a cute japanese girl. :) Love looking at all of her fun pics. She is also so crafty! I hear her brush rolls are quite popular! :)
7. V (Cupcake couture)- has a very cute cupcake notebook! :P So many cute hauls (clothes, makeup, accessories)! Has a lot of Lush products and cute bath bombs and fizzies :)
8. Pop Champagne- Her posts always make me laugh. Great sense of humor. Fun person! :) Makes cute bows and takes very photogenic pics! :)
9. Narita- She just went to vegas and it was so fun looking at all of the pictures! looks like a fun place to go visit one day ;) She packs all of her beauty essentials so well! fit so many things in one bag!!! :o amazing...
10. Oh Puffcake- Very cute! I love her natural looks :) Another crafty one.. i'm quite interested in the engraving arts she had in one of her posts. Her cooking posts always make me hungry! :P

Sassy Jadore was so sweet to also nominate this very cute Butterfly Award :) I nominate everybody above for this award as well! :)
Also, I wanted to nominate:

-Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets
-Confessions of a Soapaholic -
-Crystalize Me
- MakeUp & LoVe
-My Sweet Fix
- Nani's Nails
- Sweet Sugar
-The Diva's Polish

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Awww! Too cute not to share!

Somehow I came across this! I was looking at stuff on and thought these pictures had quite a touching story to them.
The story was that there was an accident causing the poor tiger to loose ALL of her cubs :'(
Zoologist even classified the tiger as being 'clinically depressed'.

The same zoo had lost a pig, leaving all her little piglets with no mother.

I guess you can see what had happened :P
It's so cute how the tiger accepted the little piglets as her own!!! So so adorable!!!

NOTD: Watermelon!

Just wanted to share my new nail design :)
I was looking at NaiLz-iN-AuS's nail art and loved her "watermelon" nail design so so much, I had to try it myself!!! It looked so cute on her nail! But I think that watermelon nails are so much cuter! Thanks so much NaiLz-iN-AuS for the inspiration!
Here are some pics of how it turned out...

I painted all of my nails with the pink nail polish first. Added light green nail polish to only the tips of the nails. NaiLz-iN-AuS used white but I just wanted to try light green and see how it turns out :P Then, I added another darker green nail polish to the very tips leaving only a little bit of the light green to show.
I used my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen again to draw the "watermelon seeds" and decorated it with white so it can stand out a little more...
I loved the design so much I even painted my toes to look like watermelon slices!!! :P

What do you think? :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DUSTBUNNY'S Giveaway!!!

DUSTBUNNY from her blog, My Sweet Fix, is having a giveaway and below are SOME of the prizes she will be giving out to the lucky winner :) She will also include a lipgloss that she claims is a good dupe for MAC dazzleglass, her favorite Lush soap, and half of a full-sized jar of MAC pigment.

This is a great giveaway because it is open to anybody in the world :)
You can also earn more entries to win so check it out!

More Giveaways!!! <3

Jian from Pinkfish Pie is having a giveaway:

Here are the prizes Jian has listed on her blog:

* Sleek-i-Divine Palette in Original
* A mini Benefit BAD gal lash mascara
* Two Barbara Daly for Tesco Concealers
* Eyeko Face Off Cleansing Wipe
* L'Occitane Huile Demaquillage Sample
* Sample vial of Agent Provacateur Eau de Parfum
* Sample vial of Chanel's Cristalle Eau Verte Eau de Toilette (I'm afraid I lost the paper case)

I believe she is also giving out some Asian candy as well :) mmm ...

The rules on how to enter for this giveaway are pretty simple as well :) so...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Stuff

Just wanted to share...Here are a few Freebies I found that was interesting to me...
they usually take a while to ship tho :P
Clicking on the picture will get you to the request forms, etc. :)

This one sounds pretty cute...
Free Sundiwear Stickers reminds you to reapply your sunscreen by turning red! :P

Free "I Love Coffee" coin purse from Back Alley Coffee:
The Johnson's Soothing Natural Gift Set Giveaway (Click on picture below to fill out form).
Alterna hair care samples:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Look

Just wanted to share my entry for Sassy Jadore's Contest :) (click on the link to enter her contest).
Here's the picture (found on google) I used for inspiration:

I also had to take a pic of what I used:
-Revlon Colorstay Foundation (180 Sand Beige)
-Kate eyeshadow pallete (deep eyes)
-Nyx eyeshadow (Yellow)
-Etude Heartade eyeshadows (PP905; OR201)
-Clinique High Impact Mascara
-The Body Shop Sun Lustre Bronzer (Shade: Bronze Gleam)
-Sephora lip attitude chic (C24)
-Clinique lipstick (Rose aglow)

This is one of the pictures I submitted :)
The final look... :)
Thanks Sassy Jadore! It was fun to do :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't forget to enter these Giveaways/Contest! <3

Sassy Jadore
is having a giveaway on her FABULOUS blog. All you have to come up with is a summer look/outfit! :)
Her decision for prizes aren't final but it might consist of Sephora and Forever21 E-certificates!
V from Cupcake Couture is also having a Contest! :) She has a video explaining all the rules as well.
prizes include Victoria Beckham's book, Lush products, Hello Kitty earrings, cute peppermint necklace, etc...
Check out a few of her prizes (picture from Cupcake Couture):

Kelly's also having a "Let's make up- I'm sorry" Giveaway:
Go to her blog to find out how to earn more contest entries!
(From Kelly's Blog:)This set contains:
- 1.0 oz DuWop Revolotion
- Mini Smashbox Bionic Mascara in black
- Mini Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Clair
- Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow
- Mini Korres Evening Primrose Eye Cream
- 100 x Sephora Natural Matte Blotting Papers
- Sample Size Prada Infusion D'Iris Eau de Parfum
- Sample Size Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau de Parfum
- Sample Size L. L.A.M.B. Fragrance
- All packaged in a black and silver sequined clutch bag

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nail Stuff

I went to Sally's and got a few things for my nails :) I found these very cute flower accessories too <3

I also got some nail polish thinner by Beauty Secrets. Some of my nail polish were getting thicker than usual and so I thought I might give this a try. This is my first time buying this and so I don't know how it compares to other brands. I added a few drops to my old nail polishes and viola! Polishes are good as new! :P I also got Nail Life's "Aromatherapy Drop On" polish dryer. I don't know why but I always paint my nails at night. It has to be before I go to bed too and so I'm usually quite impatient when it comes to waiting for my nail polish to dry.

Just wanted to show you the dropper coz I thought it looked pretty cool haha! :P The directions tell me I'm supposed to add a drop on each nail after polishing my nails.
It actually has quite a nice scent to it... kinda fruity :)
I thought it worked pretty well :) my nail polished dried pretty fast :)
The residual product is also supposed to moisturize the cuticles and hands too :P

Ofcourse I had to play with the pretty flower accessories so I just wanted to share a picture of how I did my nails:
I attempted to try to paint lil "hello kitties" on my nails but they came out funny :P
I used Sally Hansen's "Nail art pen" in black to draw "Hello Kitty's" eyes, nose and whiskers. :PPretty convenient actually... I bought this at Walgreens a while back and since it's like a pen, it feels easier to draw designs on my nails compared to using brushes :P

Monday, June 8, 2009

Christiana's Maybelline Lash Stiletto Giveaway

Yay! I found out that I had won Christiana's (Memoirs of a Shopping Addict) giveaway a little while ago. The package arrive today!!! :) Was exciting :)

Thank you so much Christiana!!! I was so excited I ripped it open and tried it already :P It actually has a pretty nice scent for some reason :P

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Favorite Jewelry Item

This post is specifically for Stephanie's first Giveaway:

is quite crafty and creates many pretty jewelry pieces. You should check out her neat little store!
You can find her blogs below:
Always Hungry
Steph's Stuff

Rules for Stephanie's giveaway are to subscribe to both her blogs and write about your favorite jewelry item (you can write about your favorite fruit if you don't wear jewelry... how cute!). I believe that the giveaway is extended to 12:00 a.m. PST-June 16, 2009 (Tuesday).

I have so many favorite jewelry items but here is a picture of one of my favorite jewelry pieces. :) It is a crystal key pendent with a heart-shaped theme? on a thick chain. I like how you can use either clasp depending on whether you want to wear the chain shorter or longer ;)

I bought it from a random thrift store. It was quite cheap actually...
So that's one of the main reasons why it is my favorite: a pretty item for a great price! I had to dig amongst all the other weird things they had for sale in that thrift shop and so when I first laid my eyes on it, it felt like I had found hidden treasure... :P hahaha!

And here, Stephanie, a picture of me wearing my favorite necklace for u :P Hope you like! :P

Speaking about Jewelry... Cherrielantern from "Love Baby Love" and "Crystalize Me" is also having her first giveaway. She will be giving makeup surprises and two of her very very cute Swarovski crystal MINI animals!!!

Here's Cherrielantern's picture of her little crystal animals:Aren't they so adorable!!! She is selling these cutsies along with other jewelry and accesories she creates on her "Crystalize Me" Blog so check it out if you want.

Here are her rules:

1. Must be a follower of BOTH my personal blog and my crystalize me blog. But I need to know who you don't make your profile private....and please don't follow anonymously.

2. Must mention my giveaway and my crystalize me blog on your blog...and post the link in your comment.

3. Please leave only one comment...=) Multiple comments will not be considered.

The Adorable Blog Award

I was so excited when pretty Narita from For IN and OUT Beauty gave me my first blog award! Thank you so much Narita!!! <3>The Adorable Blog Award Rules:
-Include the award logo in your blog or post.
-Nominate as many blogs which you like.
-Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
-Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
-Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Here goes!!! I nominate...

Yumie (Bittenbefore)
Nic Nic
Sassy Jadore


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yay! My new ride! <3

This picture is actually not my bike... but it's the same type (minus the cool-looking red flame design). I found the picture here.
I finally had the motorcycle transferred to my name yesterday. :) It's officially mine! :P
Waiting in line was torture... It was funny because I had to wait in line for more than an hour just to get the transferring process over in 2 minutes! But I'm happy now... :)

A ban on all beauty products

Hmm.. I came across this article from the BBC News website:

"Can a simple idea help make the world a better place? Each week we ask a guest to outline an idea to improve all our lives. Here, Baroness Haleh Afshar suggests banning make-up."

What do you think?

Read the full article here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sassy Jadore's Giveaway and Nails of the Day

Sassy Jadore is having a Chanel and Dior Giveaway! :) She's giving away Chanel nail polish in "Blue Satin" and a sample "Miss Dior Cherie" perfume. So if you love nail polish and perfume, go to her post for details.

Just wanted to share...
I've been playing around with my Konad kit again and this was one of the entries for the OC Nail Art Contest that ended a few days ago.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Konad Nails

So I bought Konad's Stamping Nail Art (B-Kit) and I'm having a lot of fun using it lately. I just wanted to share this picture.

I used:
  • red regular nail polish as a base
  • Konad's Image Plates M8 and M21.
  • Konad's White Special Nail Polish
  • Top Coat