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Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY Organizer


Cra-Z-Art Cork Board, Classic Wood Look Frame, 17 x 23 Inches (12101)
Cork Board
Battalion 1WBH3 Cup Hook, Brass, Length 1/2 In, PK 20
Screw Hooks
Pencil Grip The Classics Jumbo Push Pins, Assorted Colors, 15 Count Box (TPG-229)
Push Pins/Thumb Tacks
Basic Grey Sugar Rush Bloomers Self-Adhesive Fabric Flowers 6/Pkg
Decorations/Appliques of your choice!

Take your hooks/thumb tacks and push it into the cork board. I think its better than puncturing your walls. :P
You can hang your stuff onto the hooks like this. I put my keys, hair-scrunchie and phone charms on the hooks as an example. :P
Or you can use it to organize your jewelry. I added my necklaces here. :3
Or you can use push pins/thumb tacks to pin on more chunky pieces of jewelry straight onto the cork board. I like how placement is flexible and not permanent; Very easy to change. :)
For smaller items (earrings and hair clip), I used a tack to secure some ribbon and a flower (just for decoration) onto the cork board.

Thinner ribbon and different flower. :3
How do you organize your stuff? :3
Please share (or send me a link, if you blog)! I would love to see more ways to be better organized! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silly Things Amuse Me

Meet my new buddy...
He's useful and he scrubs my back! :P

haha... I needed a new bath sponge and he was staring at me. I just had to save his lonely self from the racks of the store! It was funny because it was described as "kid's bath sponge" on the receipt. :P Whatever... this little bear looks so silly its hard not to smile whenever I look at it. :P

He cost only a buck.
Me and my sister laughed really hard for at least 3 minutes (not exaggerating) because of how "unique" this little one is...

You wana see why???
HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!! HIS TAIL IS ATTACHED TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!!!! HAHAHAHA! So hilarious! Oh, poor little bear!

I didn't really like that about it; I wanted to cut it off. ><
My sister didn't want me to do that though. She said it was merely his "ponytail". -__-;;;;
It still looks pretty horrible to me... but I guess he's protected from any modifications... for now. :P

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rainbow Lips

My entry to a contest a couple months ago...

I didn't win... haha :P 
oh well.. it was fun anyway :P

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feelin' SAD, Anyone?

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." - Mark Twain
SAD as in "Seasonal affective disorder".
I know I'm feeling the winter blues and its not even officially winter yet... or is it?
Maybe I'm a bit paranoid and overly dramatic because I tend to scare myself by visiting WebMD a little too often; all of a sudden it seems that I have acquired all of the symptoms the very moment I'm reading about them. -__-

If you can't tell, I am using SAD as an excuse for not blogging these couple of days? weeks? month? O_o
I just felt the need to explain, especially when I get such sweet reminders from Rabitto to blog more often. :P Thanks Rabbito! :3 You're such a cutie.

The weather's been getting colder and I haven't been feeling like doing a lot of things. I was feeling all blah and I didn't want to post anything on my blog that was negative but here I am writing this... haha... I guess I'm feeling a little bold; ready to open up and get more personal! :P

A lot of your comments and messages really reminded me why I like to blog so much. I like the feeling of being connected with you guys. Thank you for always dropping by to say hi and asking me how I'm doing. Thanks for all of your nice and encouraging comments. Thank you for noticing that I haven't been writing any posts lately and thanks for bugging me to write more often! :)