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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Can't Sleep...

So I decided to draw :P

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Join to win LNA Zipper Leggings from ChicInTheTropics & ChicDowntown!

ChicInTheTropics just turned 23 today!  Happy Birthday!!!!
and to celebrate, she's having a giveaway! ChicInTheTropics paired up with ChicDowntown and they are giving away LNA Zipper Leggings! I hear its quite popular amongst the celebrities ;)

I love leggings! I just wanted to share a couple of my favorite leggings :)

These pictures where taken a while ago.. It gets pretty hot here and so the only time I get to wear a lot of leggings is during winter :P I usually like to wear a lot of shorts and skirts but they get too cold to wear in the winter sometimes so I pair them with leggings.

Sorry this picture's a bit blurry... but these are my ultimate favorite pair of leggings :P People have asked me if they could touch my leggings just because they look pretty unusual but the most frequent question I get asked is whether my legs were actually TATTOOED... Crazy! I wouldn't be able to stand that much pain! haha :P

So, if I had the LNA Zipper leggings, I would probably wear it with dresses, long tunics, mini skirts/shorts! :)

If you live in the U.S, don't forget to follow ChicInTheTropics and join her giveaway!


Mario Badescu

I was browsing through the Mario Badescu website and and took their skin care consultation questionnaire (Take their questionnaire and after you are done, check your email because they will ask you if you want to try their samples for free. You do not need to buy anything. All you have to do is click on the link sent to your email to confirm that you want those samples).
The skin care quiz resulted in specific products recommended for my skin type.
I received their samples a few days ago and I just wanted to share what I got:

 Enzyme Cleansing Gel (more info here):

I really liked the Enzyme Cleansing Gel and so I bought the full size one. It is a non foaming cleanser and it doesn't leave your skin feeling all dry and flaky but it still gives that really clean feel. For some reason, I feel like the gel looks kinda sparkly :P

Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion (more info here):
The product application guide recommends me to moisten a piece of cotton with a toner and rub in the directions shown above all over the face until the cotton comes up clean.
I felt like this kind of stings but its pretty tolerable... it makes me feel like its working :P haha!

Hydro-Moisturizer With Vitamin C (more info here):
This moisturizer was pretty good. Didn't feel oily. I think I can finish this whole sample in two uses :P

Hyaluronic Eye Cream (more info here):
I like this eye cream. Quite creamy... I think this will last many uses before its finished. I need so little of this and my eyes feel pretty moisturized.

The diagrams came from the product application guide :P
I also got some masks/srub samples:

Strawberry Face Scrub (more info here):
I loved this scrub the first time I tried it!!! It smells soooooo good! I thought it was nice how you can use the strawberry seeds to scrub your skin :P It didn't really feel like I was scrubbing anything at all but once I washed my face, I really did feel a difference. It left my face really smooth... like all the dead skin was buffed off or something... pretty nice stuff :)

Special Mask for Oily Skin (more info here):
I've got combination skin and sometimes my T-zone can get quite oily. You can really feel your pores tightening when you use this mask.

Healing & Soothing Mask (more info here):

This one felt pretty nice... it helped relieve the redness in my skin.

So far I'm liking these products. I really like how Mario Badescu has good sampling service as well because it is always nice to try things before committing to buying full size products.
Have you tried any of Mario Badescu products before? How did you like them?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sassy J'adore!

Quick post...
I've been wanting to post this earlier, but better late than never right? :P
Remember Sassy J'adore's Summer Look Contest? She was generous enough to give me a Forever21 e-giftcard for being the first one to enter her contest (see my entry HERE) :) She's so sweet coz she didn't have to but she did :)
I chose to get a tank with a big-o bunny face on the front :P
I love it! Very comfy :)
So a big THANK YOU to you Sassy J'adore! :) It was a fun contest! :)
Sassy J'adore has a FABULOUS blog where she shares magazine scans, OOTD, movie reviews... and so much more! :) Today is also her Birthday so don't forget to show her some love!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Geo Eye Candy Lenses

I got some colored contacts about a little while ago...
and I'm pretty excited :)
I've worn violet and hazel colors in the past and so this time I got some grey ones (Tri color grey)  :)
I bought these from Annie's Geo Eye Candy store for $20 a pair and they offered free shipping to the U.S. so that's always a plus for me :P

My packaged arrived the next business day or two so that was pretty nice :) But then I got these pretty quick because these lenses were in stock already. I believe you have to wait longer if you want to special order specific lenses with prescription.
It came with an instruction sheet on how to put your lenses on and how to care for them as well :)

I get ones without prescription.. my eyes are fine.. i just like to have fun with different colored eyes sometimes haha :P

that's how they look in the cute little bottles :P haven't tried them yet thought :P which sucks.. :P
i'll post an update when I try them on :)

What I like about these the most is that you can check whether these are authentic lenses or not scratching the sticker and checking it on the manufacturer's website :) Gives me peace of mind.
This was my first time purchasing from Geo Eye Candy and it was a great experience. I really like the customer service. Annie gave me prompt replies and also sent me extra updating messages about my purchase and where its at :) Such a nice person.
For more information, you can visit their site. They got a lense care section, FAQs, and a chat box if you have specific questions :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Please Join Dana's GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys! Pretty Dana is hosting a giveaway and you should join! :)
Dana is such a fun person to talk to and her blog is so interesting! She is pretty outgoing and its always fun looking at her pics whenever she goes places :)
She also makes very cute charms ( so if you like adorable and sparkly stuff, you should check her charm blog as well :)

These are the prizesDana is going to give away to the lucky winner!!! Pretty awesome stuff includes DSK jewelry, assortment of Eki's bows, GS&P bows, makeup brushes and extra cute stuff!!!!

Check out her blog (My Simple Randomness) for all the rules for entering :)