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Friday, August 28, 2009

"Aqua" Eyes

This post is dedicated to Stephanie a.k.a AQUAHEART :)
She's hosting a CONTEST and if you haven't yet, enter to win a $20 MAC or Sephora Gift Card!
*Submit entries before September 1st*

(I really need to learn how to make good use of my camera settings >< complexion looks a bit off?)

Here are 2 pics of my "aqua eyes" for you, Stephanie! :) I hope you like!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


("Monsooner or Later" & "Banana Bandanna" Nail Polish; Konad stamping nail art) haha.. I stamped the "Love" character upside down :P oops.. it looks okay when my nails face me tho :P

I was shopping the other day and came across a place in the mall that sold O.P.I nail polishes :) I didn't have any nail polish from O.P.I so I thought I might try some :)

I got only two: "Monsooner or Later" and "Banana Bandanna"
I like the names... pretty creative :P

I really loved the way "Banana Bandanna" looked on Asami's nails when she did her "Cupcake Manicure" so I had to get that. I don't own any yellow colored nail polishes so this was a nice addition to my small collection. :)

I'm wearing 3 coats of "Banana Bandana" and I liked it a lot. Asami has a much better swatch of this on her blog (Nails by Asami). You should definitely check her blog out for nail art inspiration. She has so many pretty designs and very clear step-by-step picture tutorials too. Her blog is one of my favorites!

hee.. pretty random.. :P this was my first time trying these...
wanted to share pics coz the bears had little belly-buttons :P haha!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Potato and Bacon Patties

I made these for dinner today :)
You should try and make these one day if you haven't yet ;)

Ingredients I used (makes about 16 small patties):

-4 potatoes (boiled)
-Bacon (however much you like)
*I usually use hamburger meat but I didn't have it on hand today :P so I used bacon... you can also try adding tuna instead if you want :P I know tuna sounds weird but its pretty good!

-3 eggs (separate yolk and whites)
-vegetable oil (for frying)

I started out by slightly mashing the boiled potatoes and the egg yolks together. Added a pinch of salt and pepper:

Then cooked the bacon until it was nice and crispy... I also added the diced onions along with it:
Siev out the excess oil and add the bacon and onion to the potato mixture:

Whisk the egg whites until fluffy:Make the potato & bacon mixture into little patties and dip them in the egg whites. You can coat the potato patties with bread crumbs if you want but I didn't do it (thought I had some but didn't).

Fry the potato & bacon patties in some vegetable oil until golden brown and you're all done!