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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I procrastinate.

feel pretty overwhelmed with all the things I have to do lately...
Just feels like there's never enough time in a day :P
I wish my body could require fewer hours of sleep so that I can be more productive.

I did quite a few things today though. After school, I attended a casual and fun meeting today :)
I volunteer for services for seniors :) and this was their annual meeting :) They had a book corner, raffles, gift envelops and a silent auction. They also had cake. Cake is always nice :)

I won these goodies from the silent auction by the way :)
 I got a relaxation kit (the big purple thing on the left) and some moisturizing green tea massage soaps that come in this cute box with drawers.

 These massaging soaps were in those drawers :) haha! I think they look like huge lego blocks :P I guess the shape of the soap is what makes it a 'massaging' one ;)

The box claims:
"Our luxury soaps are triple refined, delightfully fragrant and deliver a silky smooth later and are made from 100% pure vegetable oils."

Ah, I see they also have a website: 
You can check it out if you want.
As for the "Relaxation Kit"; I got a bath pillow, an eye mask, and a hair band :) Can't wait to have the luxury of soaking in a nice hot bath using those!

Thought those were pretty smart :P I won't have to worry about my pillow slipping off into all sorts of directions haha!
I wonder when I'll have the time to even do that =_=

Hope you all are having a much more relaxing and stress-free start of the week compared to me! -_-;