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Friday, April 29, 2011

I Have A Wish

I consider myself pretty superstitious.

Its silly? :p
I don't mind.
I'll still believe in it.
It gives me good memories of my grandmother and all of her colorful stories she used to tell me. She would teach me and my sister through stories and not just by telling us what to do/not-do or what is wrong/right. I loved how she lets us think for ourselves and choose which path we wanted to take whether it be bad or good.

Where am I going with this?
Well, I have a wish that I really want.
And I've done this before a few years back, no lie.

I'm folding 1000 cranes.

Japanese legend has it that your wish will come true if you go through the labor of folding 1000 cranes.
Do you want to know if my wish came true the first time I had folded 1000 cranes?

Maybe it was coincidence?
It doesn't matter.
My wish still came true.
Plus, wouldn't life sound more fun when a little bit of "magic" exists?

I've even tried testing this whole theory out, just in case.
I started out by making an outrageous wish that I know will never come true and tried folding another 1000 cranes for that wish.
Guess what happened. I never finished folding all 1000 of them. O_o
And don't think I didn't try. It just so happened that certain things in life kept on happening to me which caused that batch to have never been fully completed.

In the end, I just like the idea of how I can feel like there is a slight chance that I am able to control the outcome of my life sometimes.

I've folded 612 little cranes so far. :p Only 388 more to go.
Do you have a wish?

Even if you don't believe in this but you still want to learn how to fold these little cranes, you can find some instructions: (here, here, and here)

(If you want to make ones as small as mine, I cut out my square paper to a size that measures a little less than 2cm on each side)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Piggyroll (Dinner Roll Recipe)

I decided to make some dinner rolls tonight because I haven't made them in a while. :p
What do you mean that doesn't look like a dinner roll? :P

Okay okay. I made one that's supposed to look like a piggy. :p

Say hello to Mr. Piggy Roll!
I did make regular-looking ones though (just in case you were wondering).
Here... Proof!
 Mr. Piggy Roll is just an experiment. I just wanted to know how much of the detail will be left after baking him.
I remember seeing a bear-shaped bread at Boudin and it looked soooo adorable! :P

So I stuffed Mr. Piggy Roll on to the baking sheet...
He was feeling a bit shy and distant from the other rolls.
Mr. Piggy was baked for 12 minutes...
All nice and buttered up!
HAHAHHAHAHA! I was so surprised to see that most of the details were still there. :P

I think I might shape ALL of my dinner rolls this way from now on! :P

I used this dinner roll recipe just in case you wanted to make your own. Try it! Its one of the best recipes I've tried.
So deliciously fluffy and flavorful.
 (Sorry about the picture quality... I used my phone since it was the closest thing to me while I was baking :P)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Times

My spring break was really short compared to a lot of my friends' but at least I got a small break from school. :P
I got to meet up with some of my friends and we tried slamming some baseballs and  playing some mini-golf. :)
We got there quite late so we didn't get to play much arcade games. :P
Maybe next time. :P
Haha! It looked like it was a girl's night out but the guys didn't want to take pictures. :p
They kept on running away from the camera like its going to eat them or something. -__-