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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tri-Color: Grey (CM-901) Lenses

I went to the fair not too long ago and this is me and the baby-lion toy my bf won for me :) A few of you had asked me for pictures of how the Tri-color lenses in Grey (CM-901) looked on me from my other post and I finally get to show them to you. I got these from Geo Eye Candy by the way. It is quite comfortable to wear actually.

Here's a close up without flash:

Here's one with flash:

I like the color :) I think it looks pretty subtle...What do you think?

Hope you all are ready to enjoy your weekend! :) Anybody doing anything fun?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tagged for Seven Green Items

Asami (Nails by Asami) tagged me! :) Asami is so creative. She always has so many creative nail designs and tutorials to share on her blog. Thanks for the tag!

So I'm supposed to find seven green (color picked by Asami-tagger) items and explain why I chose them :) How fun!

1. Jade Bracelet. One of my hobbies is crafting :) I've recently been really into fancy/Chinese knots ;)

2. Green lunch box. I usually get grumpy when I'm hungry so this is pretty useful for me (and others around me). I have this exact lunch set in green :)

 (Picture credit: here)

3.Green Glitter! This was a gift from my friend :) Extra sparkles are always nice to have :)
4. I also like Tinkerbelle... Does she count? :P

5. Green Tea! I'm up to trying anything that is green-tea flavored (drinks, ice-cream, mochi, etc.). Tasty.

6. I like this "Cucumber Melon" Scent from Bath and Body Works. Most of the scents I wear always have some sort of fruity smell to them :)

7. I don't own very many green-colored items so this is the last item I'm going to include :P My very first pair of pliers :) Guess it counts because it has green handles :)

Okay, so I guess it is my turn to choose the color and seven other friends to tag! :)
The color I'm going to choose is ORANGE (especially since Halloween is coming up...) and the seven lovely bloggers I'm going to tag (in no particular order):

Love her outfits, hair, and makeup :) Such a nice person too :) Always gets back to you with every single question you ask her :)
2. Zoe at 13 December
She always has such nice artistic pictures. If you like Korean celebrities and are curious on what they have on their makeup tables, go see her latest post! Maybe you can spot something you use yourself? :P
3. Erika at A little bit of eki
Always so cute :) She has really nice detailed tutorials as well. Quite talented in crafting as well because she always makes such cute little pouches and hair accessories.
4. Layla at Eco Experiment
Very cool person. Inspires me to be more eco-friendly :) Reminds me to try to reuse and recycle things more :)
5. Nehs at Nehsai Loves N
I really love her Hello Kitty mask look! Sooo amazing!
6. Julie at Pop Champagne
I'm always up to date with celebrity gossip! I love reading her posts because they usually make me laugh :) Very creative too because she also makes cute hair accessories and jewelry too :)
Good luck on midterms! :)
She's awesome because she buys products that don't test on animals! You can check out her blog about more information and videos on how animal testing is unnecessary and cruel.

She also gave me this award:

Thank you so much :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

NOTD: Yin & Yang ; Panda

Its been a while since I did a nail art post :P I still need to get me some acrylic paints and thin brushes that Asami recommended to me but I'll just share this design for now :P Sorry its kind of sloppy but I tried! :P

Here... I'll even share the right side of my nails :P I'm not very good at using my left hand to do nail art but I'm quite proud because the nail art on my right hand turned out pretty decent to me :P It took way too long though! :P

Haha! and I don't know why but I tried to paint little pandas onto my thumb :P They look so funny but I'll probably just keep them on my nails because it reminds me of the sneezing-panda video on youtube :P