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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I got new socks! :P

Such a random purchase :P But I got new socks from Hot Topic.

I don't usually wear socks but these are quite comfy (probably because it is cushioned). :)
Plus, I'm the type of person who always gets cold so easily and wearing socks this high kept me quite warm.
Now that I've tried this, I wished I had gotten a few more pairs of socks :P

 Other designs:

I am not associated with the company featured in this post.
I am not compensated in any way to publish and write this post.
These pair of socks were purchased by me.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I got red highlights! :P

I was feeling a bit rebellious so I got red highlights in my hair...

What do you think? :p

My mom hates it whenever I make my hair any crazy bright color but I really like the look of it. I always want to keep my mom happy but I also like to express myself and so I thought that wearing clip-in hair extensions is a neat way to make us both happy.
The clip-in extensions are from sweet blogger buddy, Lianne's (Sassy J'adore Blog) online store called, J'adore Lovely Boutique. She sells different kinds of hair extensions in her store so you should check it out if you are interested.

I'm just wearing two clip-in extensions in the pictures but each pack of highlight extensions comes with 6 pieces.
Highlight extension packaging (front)
Hair extension packaging (back)
6 Clip-in highlight extensions secured together
"Prepare to be Glamourized" :P
Close view of the snap clip
I just parted my hair in the area I wanted to clip my hair extensions in. You can tease the area you want to clip your hair extension if you want to make sure they don't fall out. I did not tease my hair because these clips are pretty tight enough and I have no problem with the clips sliding off my hair.
Hook and snap-clip onto hair!
And have fun! :)
-You can have different colored highlights in your hair without damaging/dying your own hair.
-Clip is very secure (won't slide off your hair)
-It is human hair so you can treat it the same like you do with your real hair (curl, straighten, style, wash, etc).
-Very bright red color
-Long length; allows enough hair to trim if necessary (usually the ones you buy at ex. Hot Topic are not very long and so it doesn't really match the length of my real hair)
-Looks real
-Comes in a variety of colors
-easy to remove and clip in on your own without damaging hair
-Good price (especially compared to buying it at the mall)

-It is human hair (some people might get scared or grossed out by this)
-Has a strong smell when you first open the package (maybe can be fixed by washing it gently)
-May need to trim for people with shorter hair (although I think this is not so much of a con)

I wanted to thank Lianne for being so kind to give me these awesome pack of clip-in extensions! :) I probably should have shown these better by straightening my hair a bit more before putting them on so that they could blend in better. :P
I definitely have a lot of fun wearing these and I like them so much I have another pack of pink clip-in hair extensions that I bought from Lianne. I'll have to show you guys some other time. :)

Just wanted to mention that I was not paid or compensated in any way to publish this post.
I'm not affiliated with the company.
Lianne sent me a pack of highlight hair extensions as a gift and I paid for the other pack of highlight extensions I received from her.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Award Winning Gelato in Los Gatos, California

So I think I'm really sick. ><
I'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow. -__-;;;;
And its funny because every time I have a cold, I always crave ice cream haha! Especially, when I have a sore throat. The doctor tells me to stay away from cold drinks and ice cream whenever my throat hurts and I don't know why I never listen. :P

Last weekend, I went to Los Gatos; The Cats!!! Don't you just love the name of that place! I thought it was quite ironic though because there were so many dogs walking around in that area. :P

I got the chance to visit Dolce Spazio where the best ice cream (voted by Los Gatos Weekly Times,, Metro Readers’ Choice, and The WAVE magazine) is served. 

 I had "Strawberries and Cream"(strawberry gelato, strawberries) and "Amaretto Almond"(amaretto gelato, toasted almonds). Gawsh, it was so creamy and delicious! I can see why a lot of people love Dolce Spazio's ice cream. Even their little wafer they stuck in my gelato was good! A nice little crunchy sweet extra treat!

Mom had "Vanilla Bean"(premium vanilla, vanilla bean) gelato:

And Brian had "Chocolate Liqueur" (smooth rich dark chocolate gelato) and "Vanilla Bean" gelato:

If you ever get the chance to visit Los Gatos, California, make sure you try Dolce Spazio's ice cream for yourself!
I know I'll be visiting them again the next time I go to Los Gatos! :)

Note: I'm not affiliated with the company. I'm not compensated in any way to write and publish this post. We paid for the gelato ourselves.


guI haven't been feeling too great lately...
I got the sniffles and am trying hard not to get sick! ><
I blame it on the abrupt change in weather lately... T.T haha :P Sucks to be sick...
So I'm just taking it easy and entertaining myself with cute kitty pictures! :3

I'll leave you with my favorite kitty picture of the day! :3
This is Casper... :P
He looks a bit annoyed as well. :p

Can you count how many nose freckles he has? :P

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Car Show in Pacific Grove

I promised to show you pictures of places I went to this summer but there are so many so this will only be the first part of the pictures I want to share... :) I don't know very much about cars and I'm sorry I can't tell you much about them but if you are interested in cars (especially mini classic ones) and you like looking at pictures of them... you might like this post.
We went to Pacific Grove and we got to see a car show when we visited in August.
heehee.. one of the cars had this fake seagull standing on a surfboard on top ('beach' theme)
Here's the picture of the whole car just in case you were curious...

 The car show had tons of cars and so I compiled some of them here for you to see...

You should see how some of these car opened! The bubble shaped looking car on the middle right side of this collage opened up to the side!
All of these tiny cars looked like they were in pristine condition! I wonder how much the owners have spent on these little cars...

I spotted a few birds on top of a tall building in that area... I'm pretty impressed that my camera could zoom in that far...
Its funny because a lot of people go there to admire and take lots of pictures of the cars but I somehow had more pictures of pets than cars. O_o I was amused to see a lot of people bringing their pets along to the car show. :)

Awwwwwwwww... doesn't it look so cute? :3
Inside this tiny car was a tiny dog!
Those drinks used for decoration are fake by the way... :P
Awwww isn't she adorable??? :P
Look! she has cute bows in her hair! :P Oh so fashionable!
I got to see a lot of birds too for some reason. O_o
They were quite cute. They knew how to say a few things like "I love you" and stuff like that. :3

He had an itch on his back. :P

My favorite... the shy quiet one.
I didn't take very many pictures of me... :P I took more pictures of my family but they may want a bit of privacy. :)
This post was supposed to be about the car show so sorry for focusing on the dogs and birds more. :P I guess I like to look at animals more than cars! :P

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I miss my sister! :'(

So my sister has gone back to Canada and I miss having her around. It was fun getting to hang out with her this summer.
We got to do a lot of things together with the family. :3
We got to go to the beach a lot, see the Redwoods, and even visit San Francisco!
I still need to organize all the pictures we'd taken but I'll leave you guys with my favorite thing we'd gotten during one of our trips! :3
OUR CARICATURES! my sister (left) and me (right)
This drawing makes me smile every single time I look at it! :P It looks so funny and I love it! :3 I think the artist did a great job at drawing us. :3 I'm quite impressed! Haha! :P
How was your summer? Go anywhere/ do anything fun? :3 I want to know!