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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My New Project (cont'd)

So I had finished this a while ago.. and it is kind sloppy :P but here it is :)

I wanted to recycle some boxes :P so this is what I had started out with:

This is the main part (bet you already know what it is! :P haha!)
oo~ then I made these lil thingies...
Well what do you know.. they fit! :PI could have added another layer of paint.. but I didn't have as much motivation and energy as I did when I had first started doing this :P (yes, i'm lazy :P)
But here it is! :)
Now I can add random stuff in it and be a bit more organized :P yay! :)


Narita said...

OMG! This is wonderful! You're so creative! Kudos to you!

Puffcake said...

Haha how amazingly innovative! I'm inspired =D