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Sunday, August 23, 2009


("Monsooner or Later" & "Banana Bandanna" Nail Polish; Konad stamping nail art) haha.. I stamped the "Love" character upside down :P oops.. it looks okay when my nails face me tho :P

I was shopping the other day and came across a place in the mall that sold O.P.I nail polishes :) I didn't have any nail polish from O.P.I so I thought I might try some :)

I got only two: "Monsooner or Later" and "Banana Bandanna"
I like the names... pretty creative :P

I really loved the way "Banana Bandanna" looked on Asami's nails when she did her "Cupcake Manicure" so I had to get that. I don't own any yellow colored nail polishes so this was a nice addition to my small collection. :)

I'm wearing 3 coats of "Banana Bandana" and I liked it a lot. Asami has a much better swatch of this on her blog (Nails by Asami). You should definitely check her blog out for nail art inspiration. She has so many pretty designs and very clear step-by-step picture tutorials too. Her blog is one of my favorites!

hee.. pretty random.. :P this was my first time trying these...
wanted to share pics coz the bears had little belly-buttons :P haha!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, oOoh Teddy Grahams, I used to love those when I was little!! XD

& thanks for the sweet comment hun <3

Pop Champagne said...

haha i never notice that they got belly buttons!! I loveee chocolate teddy grams they were my fav cokie when I was younger hehe <3 btw lovely nail polish, the yellow looks great!

snail is pretty good! It's like octopus but more chewy, yummm but if that opportunity ever occurs don't eat too much cuz it'll give you the runs! lol just thought I'd let you know!

sheri amor said...

cute nails.. I've eaten that kind of bear before.. and also the same brand.. only urs is cinnamon while mine is honey

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay! Love your nails! The colours are great and so is the stamping! Love Banana Bandanna on you - so pretty!

tiff said...

I never noticed they had belly buttons before. Banana Bandanna looks so pretty! I just realized I don't have any yellow polishes.

nude lace turns to colour said...

Love the nails they look amazing, I'm defo gunna try it now :D

How cute are those bears and belly buttons lol!

take care x

Sarah said...

I love your nails!
I've never noticed that the Teddy Grahams had belly buttons until now XD

Aralka said...

Wow! great nails! superb colors!

Skye said...

gorjuz coloue kay there so pretty,and i love the extra konad very nice,those biscuits look soo yummy,we have something similar in aus called tiny teddies. so glad u have a new post we missed u . mwaah tc hun =D

Amanda K said...

I like the colors!

Yum Teddy Grahams!

miss cakeface said...

ouu cute nails! love the yellow. thanx for stopping by my blog. =)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

idk about me being fit? O_o I'm actually kind of flabby, I've lost a lot of muscle tone since high school. But I think what helps to give the illusion of being fit is the fact that I'm always flexing my tummy! LOL I know it may sound lame, but my tummy sticks out a bit, so prevent from showing off my pouch, I just tighten my stomach. haha

Aralka said...

I didn't take lessons how to cook.
I just use books, find recipes in internet and sometimes cook by myself. I do it with heart, maybe that's why it looks quite good. But I like your dishes too ^^

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Great yellow polish! Gotta love teddy grahams!!!

Joei - Alvond said...

Hi! kay,
thank you for visiting my blog, your nails are beautiful.
and the graham teddy it's so cute and I'm sure it's delicious too.


Yumeko said...

amazing yellow polish

and i never eaten those biscuits before haahah

Zoe said...

Love ur nails..The colors are so pretty...The biscuit is so cute...
Kay dear..Thanks for always dropping by..I am giving u the Expressions of You Award + Kreative Awrd..enjoy~

linaa, said...

god im hungry now.
nails nail nail WOOHOO
i know i sound like such a new to blogging and it would be so cool to have some friendss (:
omg i have 1 new follower.. sorry i jsut had to tell someone (: im so happy

aniiita89 said...

i LOVE teedddy grahams !
i could finish a huge pack in a day because i eat it nonstop :P lolz
thanks for leaving such sweeet msg :)

Summer Darling said...

i miss the teddy biscuits,they are my fav when i am younger...hmmm i think i never see them in the supermarket anymore..u make me crave for them again..i love your nail polish in Banana Bandanna.i wanted to try this color but i cant find it in store..OPI cost $23.90 in Singapore,that is about $16.60usd.
Guess i will buy it online :)

Miss K. You said...

Hey Kay, that bear's belly button is adorable haha. Your nails are so pretty-- very creative with the colors & "love" ;)

linaa, said...

that was one of the nicest comments i have read all day
it made me so happy. im so glad i know you! (:
of course i will feature you, dont be stupid :P

linaa, said...

sorry for continuously posting comments.
your feature:
(: hope you like!

Asami said...

Banana Bandanna looks so good on you! It's good that you have a yellow now. How do you like OPI? I think their large brushes are great as it's easier to cover a whole nail in just a few strokes.

Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post. It made me really happy to see that! :D :D :D

amynaree said...

pretty nails!! the name is so creative

Emily said...

wah~love your nails its so pretty and so colorful

i really wanna get those stamps, it seems so fun

ahahaha i luv those teddy grahams they r so good

Anonymous said...

sexy u doin?

our names are Shel-don and M Zizzle...and we think your blog is HOT. u are HOT

keep it up girl... yehhh right

*jingle jingle*

*~kAy~* said...

Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hi Shel-don and M Zizzle! haha! :P Love your names! :P