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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year

I made some butter-sugar cookies :)

My bf took me out to eat :)
and I got "hong bao" (Red envelope):

How was yours? :)
Let me know what you guys did! :)


Stephanie said...

those cookies look good! how were they? I recent made some but they turned out crunchy like spritz cookies. oh well.
new years was fun b/c of all the FOOD! :)

Tish said...

Those cookies look lovely! I'm sure they're a treat to a hungry stomach! Me waaaaaaaaant some!

Naka said...

awh the hello kitty lucky money pack is so cute :3 and cute pic of u and ur bf i love ur make up ^^

*Nehs* said...

you look so pretty kay! you and your bf look cute together. :)) yummy butter-sugar cookies!

Kasia_B said...

Kay! You are soooo soooo pretty!
And those cookies look so cte and tasty. :)

twinsouls888 said...

Halo Kay I missed ya girl ^_^. I'm so glad to hear again from you. I love cookies pastries anything for my sweet tooth. ^_^

But what I wanted to say is you look lovely girl!! I like your makeup in this post. You and your BF look so cute together.

Stay pretty ;)


Anonymous said...

your red envelope is the cutest one i've ever seen! :) said...

You need to bring some of those cookies STAT!

Thanks for following sweety !

Looking forward to seeing more posts from you


Dana Yoshimizu said...

You and your bf are so cute together! <3 & you look really pretty~ ;)

&& Omg those cookies look really yummy!