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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Easy "Brush Guard"

I was watching Dustin Hunter's YouTube video (Quick Tricks: Drying Your Brushes) the other day and I thought that he gave such a great tip on how to dry your makeup brushes after you have cleaned them.
Here's his video:

I don't own brush guards so I've been laying my makeup brushes on a towel at a slant to try and keep the water away from the ferrule. -__-;;;
I didn't really believe this tip was going to work very well so I decided to try it. I had extra TP lying around anyway :p
My army of brushes all wrapped up tight

so....did it work??
YES!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!
 Look at that! It looks all nice and groomed :p

I'm impressed! This brush usually looks so fuzzy!

Wow! The bristles looks so smooth and shiny!

Dustin Hunter is a genius!!!! 
Go try it, you guys!!! :p


Anonymous said...

Amazing tips. I've ruined most of my brushes so now I got some new Mac brushes and I'm going to follow this advice.


Senita said...

Haha thnx for sharing that is really creative and useful! I'm going to try this out!

Asami said...

Bookmarked for later! This is great, I really don't like spending money on things like "brush guards" when I can tell that they were probably really cheap for the company to make... this looks just fine to me. :-)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Wow, it really works! I'm going to try it with my brushes soon :D

acutelife said...

thats really practical! thanks for sharing it kay ;)

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Interesting. I'll have to try it. ^^

Naka said...

alot of brushes :p and thank for the vid ^^

Coco Tai said...

haha I was thinking, what if one would use pads (feminine napkins?) because they would definitely leave no residue like toilet paper may...


Anonymous said...

pass by :)
I tried to use towel as the "brush guards" before, but later I wasn't even cleaning my brushes... too lazy... haaaa

LOLanne said...

oooh such a good tip!! im always sooo reluctant to wash my kabuki brush cuz the bristles always end up frayed and flat on the side where i lay it down!!

Karen said...

Wow wrapping brushes with TP, creative much? haha I don't know if I would do that b/c I think TP's are linty.. luckily my brushes are not high-end so I'm okay with drying them flat on a towel :P But it's a different story when I spend extra on brushes someday. Job hunting is no fun :( I think it's difficult yes but I'm still optimistic that eventually I'll get one if I keep trying! How do you like living at home and being cared for by your mom? I do like it to an extent lol because I do want my independence too. I do plan on moving out someday.. but that will depend on finances aka if I have an income to get my own place! Wahh. Hope you're having a lovely weekend Kay~

Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing! This is a great tip! =)

libys11 said...

that's awesome! now, i want to try it! :D

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Pop Champagne said...

great tips. haha I keep my brushes with the bristols up and apparaently thats really bad, so I gotta try your way now!

Vivian said...

thanks for sharing it!

dblchin said...

WOW! Thanks fer sharing sweetie! That is indeed an awesome way!

Ashley said...

He's a genius indeed!

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Amy said...

great video, thanks for sharing! x

Nikki said...

Good tips! always helpful!<3

April said...


Sassy J'adore said...

Hey lovely,

Thanks for sharing this great tip. I was thinking of getting those brush guards, but I like ways where I can save money. hehe.
How's your summer going?

Stephanie said...

ahh, this is so awesome! and thanks for sharing the video. It's fun to see guys talk about makeup.