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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I got new socks! :P

Such a random purchase :P But I got new socks from Hot Topic.

I don't usually wear socks but these are quite comfy (probably because it is cushioned). :)
Plus, I'm the type of person who always gets cold so easily and wearing socks this high kept me quite warm.
Now that I've tried this, I wished I had gotten a few more pairs of socks :P

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These pair of socks were purchased by me.


The Girlie Blog said...

Cute! They are so warm!

yuriko said...

cute looking socks you got there!

should get some knee high socks myself.

Nice post!


Copyboy said...

Now those are freaky cool socks!!!

Kasia_B said...

They look like a great purchase for a winter time!


MKL said...

Looks good on you, Kay! :)

Pop Champagne said...

ohh Love those argyle socks!! it's great time to wear knee high socks too

Dana Yoshimizu said...

hahaha, I'm loving the socks! ;D

I love wearing long socks around the house. My boyfriend always laughs because he says I look goofy (in a cute way apparently, lol) because I have a whole bunch of really silly ones like with animal faces, or rainbows, or something! hahaha

yuriko said...

thank yu for your comment!!!



bourbon fatal said...

Hehe thank you :).

Do you speak German? I wondered how you could understand my texts haha XD.

Karen said...

Socks can make a statement all by themselves haha, they're pretty cute! I always wear jeans or pants though.. just because SF is winter almost all year round, boo :(

haha your car project with your bf sounds like a lotta fun actually. I ask my bf when I have car questions too >=D

Zoe said...

Hi Kay, miss u^^
First I love ur new layout.
Second, I sooooooooooo love ur red hair extensions, u look so pretty with them+ love ur make up.
Finally, love the socks u got^^

Nikki said...

Love the socks :) cute

yeah not me either... but I have to do the laundry lol

Kat said...

cute socks! i really need to go get some knee high socks.

Diana said...

Argyle is really cute~

Senita said...

I love cushioned socks!

Anonymous said...

they look like a lot of fun to wear!! you should coordinate an outfit with it :D