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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look what I got in the mail today!

My laptop sleeve! :P I was so excited! I love it when I get something in the mail. :P
I got this on ebay (here) just in case you were curious:
I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the quality. The faux leather is nice and looks pretty durable. I also like how the inside is padded and a neon orange color! So fun! :)
I was at the mall the other day and I saw a laptop sleeve which was very very similar to this one and it was $39.99! O_o They only had two colors too; black and brown -__- boring!!!
I'm so happy this is pink :P
This probably sounds sad but this was my highlight of the week so far, haha!
How's everybody's week going so far? :)
Any recent purchases?

I am not affiliated with the company mentioned in this post.
I am not compensated in any way to publish this post.
I bought this item with my own money.


Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh what a cute laptop case! ;D

Cynthia Z said...

Ooh...Pink! I like :)

Love your nail art too.


e.motion in motion said...

OMG I totally want one of these!!! I love the pink quilted look :D

Victoria India said...

aw it's so cute! xo

Cupcake Couture said...

Very cute!! I love getting packages in the mail too, but now that I'm away at school I no longer receive them until I actually go home, bummer, but atleast I have presents to open when I do come in!! :)

My week is blah, school is taking up a lot of time, but eh, it'll get better. Yours will too, plus you got an awesome pink laptop sleeve!! :)

yuriko said...

Nice case! Kinda reminds me of



Copyboy said...

Very sweet indeed!

Naka said...

its so cute and stylish ^^

Kasia_B said...

Aww it's so cute!!!


Pop Champagne said...

nice new bag! and lol I like pink things too

MKL said...

I bought a laptop a while ago, a Dell, but it had a red dot on the screen (stuck pixel), so I brought the computer back. I'm waiting for 2 weeks now to get a new one and finally I will get it tomorrow. Can't wait. :D Would love to have a sleeve as protection, but not a pink one. Actually a bag would be better, but they're expensive here. Bummer. Need to look around more.

LOLanne said...

receiving mail definitely becomes an instant highlight of my week too... soo youre not along on that one lol

i swear i <3 ebay... that and deal extreme (have you heard of them?)... anyways, they have MOST things that are comparable to what we can get in stores for a fraction of the cost!!

yayyy to deals lol. i <3 buying asian lashes from ebay for like $3 for 10 pairs... same lashes that are in pmall for $10 or $20 per box... pshhh


Sugar Bunnie said...


Karen said...

Cuute! I love the baby pink color.. plus its faux leather :) super good find Kay! hehe yup I started class just this Monday.. starting to learn about the body, very interesting but so much hw and studying 8( how are youu and how's school?

Anonymous said...

this case looks cute and cool! I only bought a knitted cardi from Zara ... not much time to shop and cutting down :( still waiting on my crest strips >_<

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

I love that pink sleeve. I have the hello kitty one but it was ripped by my stupid cousin. Lol! Sorry for the long respond, again. (-.-;; )

Anyway I bought vampire teeth just now. Yeah vampire teeth. And I'm going to be Rabbito Cullen for Halloween! Hahahaha! XD

Naka said...

thank you for the tip ^^ also a random q but did those stickers for the eyelids you bought from daiso work?? Were they effective?

priincess said...

Wow! It's so CUTE! and it matches your computer so well!

ps, Thanks for the comment on my blog! no one was at the restuarant cause we went at around 3pm. It was a little weird cause their lunch menu was almost over and all the chefs were eating their lunch when we walked in. Haha!

juuuunn said...

like your nails (:

juuuunn said...

it's very nice =D
and thank you for the comment ^__^
I also think of that hehe

MissJayce said...

oooh cute i wanted one too, but they never have my size :(