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Friday, January 21, 2011

Biore Porepack Review

1. Product Image:

You get 10 individually packaged nose strips in one box

"tear here"

1 Biore pore pack nose strip (black color)

2. Product Description:

How to use
How it works

3. Who is this for? Not for?
This product is good for people who want to remove any blackheads and other gunk out of the pores of your nose.
This product might not work for people with sensitive skin because you have to tug and pull the nose strip off... kind of like a band-aide.

Here, we wet our noses with water first, position the nose strip and stick! :) We found it works best if you add more water to the nose strip until it is quite moist.
My poor bf is forced to try the nose pack with me. :P He was in the middle of playing guitar hero.. hahaha!
And another victim!!!! :P muahhaha! :P This is 'Jinja'.

4. Negatives
It can be messy because it leaves black residue on the nose (maybe the white nose strip will be better although you can't see the dirt from the pores as well as against a black background).
You have to deal with strange looks for about 10 to 15 minutes while waiting for the black strip on your nose to dry.
Black residue from nose strip -__-;;;
Awww... still smiling after all that I put him through! :P
Ninja cheated because he wiped off the black residue so he has a clean nose. :P

 5. Results/Opinions:
I like it! :P You can literally see all the gunk you pulled out of the pores of your nose, especially on the black background. Its gross but kind of fun to see that it worked. :)
My bf approved! He was surprised by the results. :P Maybe I can get him to try it a second time. :P
Ninja gave a thumbs up when I asked him what he thought about this product and its effectiveness. I think he would try it again as well.


6.Would you repurchase?/Where you can buy it:
Yes, I would repurchase this product.
I've been buying the white Biore nose pore clear packs since my teenage years and the black colored one works just as well as the white one.

FTC Product Review Disclaimer:
This is not a sponsored post.I am not affiliated with the company.
I purchased this product on my own.
I am an amazon affiliate.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I want to try this ! Haha, I think that's cool that your bf and you did it together !! X-D

Beauty meets Kawaii said...

I love these packs :) It freaks me out what comes out when you remove it.

Kisses, Melanie

super-rabbit said...

Uwaa, they're so effective! I really want to try one of those now :D

TralalaHana said...

OMG Kay. You know, what's fun? I'm just reding your blog and i'm sitting here with a porestrips on!! this had to be some telephaty or something :D but really lovely review. Make more :)

super-rabbit said...

thankyouu :3
I didn't bought the wig because they didn't had a new one in stock -.-
and the pills and creme contain vitamins and some chemical stuff that makes your skin acnefree, radiant and evens out your skin tone ;)
looking forward to your next entry :D!

Alice said...

I've always seen those at the stores but never bothered to try them because it's not in english (hahaha) and I figured the biore at local Target and Walmart would do the same thing. But I will definitely try this out thanks to your review. :)

Haha, the bf and I also do the nose pore strips together! :)

cocoabee said...

LOL wow it looks just like the one from daiso! except theirs is a mask ;P

Karen said...

Thanks Kay, I really hope this is the last time I get sick too.. at least for a very long time!

It's so cute how your bf looks like he's enjoying himself with the nose strips.. I've used the white Biore ones (on and off) since high school and they really work!

MKL said...

Ewww at the last photo :P I used this stuff before and it's always very exciting when you pull it off and see what's been pulled out. You do root for something major, but usually it's very small, haha :P

Caramelle said...

ooh I'm going to try! hate my blackheads grrrr. thankyou for posting, it was very usefull ! (^O^)


amynaree said...

haha so cute, i like how you and your bf did it together :) my bf and me do sheet masks together sometimes haha

sheriamor said...

aw i want one :D .. i hope its available in the phil. i hope theres a product also for oily faces

♥ Starryxuan said...

i cant stand the black residue after using :P i switched back to the white one after a box :)

Anonymous said...

oh wow i used to use pore strips.. they never worked for me.. but clearly i can see results there! you and your bf look so cute in the pics!

May said...

Those are nastyyyyy - the stuff that comes out and sticks onto the porepack! HAHAHA... I didn't really want to see that but it actually shows me how EFFECTIVE they are!
Good review KAY KAY! Oh, and so cute of you to have the two gentlemen join you. More men should do this and care for their skin ;)

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

You held a giveaway??! (^O^) Sure I'd love to join! o(^-^)o Would you mind to give your giveaway post URL? Because I couldn't find the post... Silly me.... (=.=|||)

Hello Naka said...

awh so cute ^^ u can give each other facials one time ^^ i dont think ryan would let me do tht :( and i really need to get some nose strips my dad ALWAYS asks me whats happened to my nose when i use them though -_-

About me Aweedee said...

Omooo thank you girlie!! I've been looking all over for these :')))) I'm totally purchasing a package or two <3 hugggles*