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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Times

My spring break was really short compared to a lot of my friends' but at least I got a small break from school. :P
I got to meet up with some of my friends and we tried slamming some baseballs and  playing some mini-golf. :)
We got there quite late so we didn't get to play much arcade games. :P
Maybe next time. :P
Haha! It looked like it was a girl's night out but the guys didn't want to take pictures. :p
They kept on running away from the camera like its going to eat them or something. -__-


☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Enjoy your spring break to the fullest Kay! o(^-^)o

Hello Naka said...

mini golf! i havent played that in ages! and i love ur eyelashes! they look amazing!

stellarvixen said...

KAY! howdy!
good to hear from you in my missing in action blog! haha * grinning shamelessly!

you looked slimmer now than before! NAISSS GOING hun!

nowadays i'm such a blusher fiend! aka hoarder? yikes

i;m trying out cream blusher more than ever :D

as for NARS curler it works for my asian eyes! way better than my shu
crimps gentle and yet maximum effect even the corner lashes

its a gift with purchase after getting so much NARS - promo deal at HongKong

Hello Naka said...

clay! :3 I want to try fimo clay, but i fear it being messy or a heat it wrong and gas myself D:

Hello Naka said...

thanks for the tip! one of ym friends brunt her fimo clay and left her house for a couple of hours XD IO think I worry too much :p

I havent played with clay in ages :3 might have to look more into it :p thanks!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I love how my guy friends always get so shy in front of the camera! They always ask me why I want photos, so I explain to them that I want photos to remember them by and then they look at me oddly...

Ephemeral by Design said...

Looks like you had a great time. Wonder why the guys were so camera shy? BTW changed the blog from Exotic Japan to Ephemeral by Design

Pop Champagne said...

haha yeah guys don't like to take pictures as much as ladies I think! great girls pic!

Adelicia Kaya said...

wow great!
i am not getting ANY breaks :l
i'm in a kind of project of getting me college 1st class in 1 year too so i must work hard

anyways... would you plzzz gimme some advice i'm starting my own web-shop :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting Kay! You looks gorgeous here!

Hiuxing said...

You look fabulous!


Layla said...

Great to hear about FUN times!!

hehe about guys being to chicken to be on the photo!! Maybe they were afraid you'd put some glitter on them in Photoshop?? :)

ROCK ON girl!!