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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cute Clay Items

I got some cute little fun things in the mail this week! :3
These were all handmade by Vanessa from It's Clay.
I was so excited when I opened up the package! Thank you so much for the gifts, Vanessa! :3

Her clay earrings and charms came all packaged like this.
These pink bow earrings are so pretty! I wore them out today ;)

She also gave me a mint chocolate cupcake and peas in a pod charms! :P So adorable! <3

Vanessa also gave me more extra goodies! :P A lollipop foot-scrub! hahahhaha! Soooo adorable!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I loved everything that you gave me, Vanessa. It was such a nice surprise! :3
Vanessa also has an etsy store and so you can see more of what she makes. You guys should check it out!

This is not a sponsored post.


CAMILLA said...

cute stuff, u got

Tiff said...

Oh man I love that lollipop foot scrubber! I love the pea pod too.. but i'm so bad with my phones and keys and stuff, any charms I put on them just disappear :(!

❤ Moon ❤ said...

SO cuuuuute :D!

Chococcuro said...

I love the bow earrings! I love etsy lol dont get me started on a 12 hr browsing session lol

Cupcake Couture said...

Awwww thank you SO much!! This means a lot to me!! :D

Karen said...

Clay stuff are so cute, especially that pea pod cuz it has pinks cheeks and googly eyes haha. I would have never guessed that lollipop would be for the foot..

Hello Naka said...

the lollipop foot scrub is way too cute :3 and i lvoe the peas in the pod too ;3

Marija - This is a fashion blog! said...

Nice stuff! :D Those earings are so cute :DDD Love them, so pinky and girly :)
Following you ;)

Adelicia Kaya said...

Yes & it feels sooo gooodd.
Today i will be re-doing my physics so i will graduate with 0 insufficient. My dad is so proud <3

Check my BabyBijoux Jewelry blog too :)

It should be full of posts of jewelry by the end of the week.

Tell me wich ones you like the most & if you think i am expensive.

thanks for your help Kay <3