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Sunday, February 5, 2012

It is February...

and everybody is already talking about Valentine's Day.

 I was grocery shopping the other day and saw this:
 Pink frosting with fun Valentine's themed sprinkles :P Super cute!

There was a box of chocolate cake mix at home (which explains why I was looking for frosting). I like to try and bake from scratch most of the time but sometimes when I like to just use box mixes because they are super easy and fast to make! :) Am I cheating? O_o

 This is how my cupcake turned out:
 Maybe I should have been a little more generous with the sprinkles :P

These were so easy and fun to make! :3
I hope that everybody who is in love is especially excited this month.
And for all those who are irritated whenever people post lovey-dovey stuff, go find love! :P haha!


TralalaHana said...

Hii :) good to see you after such a long time :)
the cupcake looks soo valentine/yummy like i'm probably going to make one at valentine's...and i'll give it to usual :D Just kidding :D Have a nice Valentine's day :)

Girlie Blogger said...

They do look good. I like the sprinkles.

aMz88 said...

aw so cute :) happy valentines <3..oh in advance :P

Clara Turbay said...

I like everything here.

Sparkles & Chic said...

Hi Kay!

Somehow your blog post doesn't show up on my dashboard. =(

The cupcakes looks yummy. I love cupcakes. =)

Hope you're doing well.


Adelicia Kaya said...

omggg!!! soo yummyyy send some towards me plzz xxxx

ps how are you?
can i have your email because i want some contact next to blogger because i will not be blogging anymore for a long long time because i'm busy with my website
i already bought the website domain now now i need to make the website itself

thank you soooo much for following me @ blogger

BlondAssBrain said...

God they look so delicious and yummy and perfect
P.s.Tnx for the idea! You really helped. I didn't have nothing on my minde or valentines!

Hello Naka said...

they look delicouly cuute :3

Hello Naka said...

thanks ^_^ my friends wore jeans and tshirts, although alot of girls wore skirts and dresses XD