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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Geo Eye Candy Lenses

I got some colored contacts about a little while ago...
and I'm pretty excited :)
I've worn violet and hazel colors in the past and so this time I got some grey ones (Tri color grey)  :)
I bought these from Annie's Geo Eye Candy store for $20 a pair and they offered free shipping to the U.S. so that's always a plus for me :P

My packaged arrived the next business day or two so that was pretty nice :) But then I got these pretty quick because these lenses were in stock already. I believe you have to wait longer if you want to special order specific lenses with prescription.
It came with an instruction sheet on how to put your lenses on and how to care for them as well :)

I get ones without prescription.. my eyes are fine.. i just like to have fun with different colored eyes sometimes haha :P

that's how they look in the cute little bottles :P haven't tried them yet thought :P which sucks.. :P
i'll post an update when I try them on :)

What I like about these the most is that you can check whether these are authentic lenses or not scratching the sticker and checking it on the manufacturer's website :) Gives me peace of mind.
This was my first time purchasing from Geo Eye Candy and it was a great experience. I really like the customer service. Annie gave me prompt replies and also sent me extra updating messages about my purchase and where its at :) Such a nice person.
For more information, you can visit their site. They got a lense care section, FAQs, and a chat box if you have specific questions :)


amynaree said...

geo lens are always so cute! I really want to try the grey ones as well after getting green and brown :) your so lucky you don't need prescription!

LifestyleBohemia said...

I've always wanted to try color contacts - I may go for it!

stellarvixen said...

haven't tried geolens...but many bloggers love them!!

oh please wear it for us to see!!
@.@ i dig grey silver lens :D

hey thanks for your cool comments!!
letme see you smokeh look too!
oh ya one more thing...
highlights on your hair makes you look great!
you need to change your profile photos colored hair *sweething

Miss K. You said...

You're very welcome Kay :) Have fun with those contacts and share how they look if you can!

Asami said...

Can't wait to see what these look like! I hope you post a pic of your eyes after you get a chance to try them on. :)

nude lace turns to colour said...

I love Geo contacts!! I really wanna get the blue ones, You'll have to show some piccys as the grey look amazing aswell :D

take care x

Skye said...

0oo0 wow can we see them on ??

Emily said...

wah~ so lucky how everyones getting these colored lenses :D

it seems great (too bad i dont wear lenses or glasses...)

cant wait to see u wear it on :] your already really pretty

(o and thx for leaving such sweet comments on my blog)

fashion doll said...



hi!!i like so much ur blog!!
please i want u to see mine and suscribe if u like it pleaseeee!!

Elise said...

Oh WOW, this is a great post & you have the most gorgeously cool site here. I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hi ! Your posts are original - it's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....have a great Sunday !

Pop Champagne said...

oooh can't wait to see you with them on! Do take pics and share!!

Yeah I can't believe ellen is replacing paula either, esp ellen has no musical background (ie a record, a tour etc)!! lol poor crazy paula...

Masa Yume said...

I can't wait to hear how you like them after you wear them. I am happy that you gave such a detailed account about the lenses. I have been thinking about getting them for a while, but was wondering about authenticity...they'll look great on you ^_^

Patty Ann said...

yay your back!!!
colored lenses are cool! post pictures of you with the violet ones!! that sounded really cool!

kawaii crafter said...

how fun. when I was younger I used to have violet and bright green contact lenses. The violet were my absolute favorite.

Miss K. You said...

Kay, thank you for being so positive and supporting my causes :') Yes I definitely agree that adoption > breeding!

Zoe said...

I never tried GEO lenses before but really look forard ur pictures wearing it, I am sure u'll look super pretty wearing them..

Love ur new profile picture Kay^^

Toothfairynotes said...

Thanks for entering the gucci giveaway!
I have finally answered your question in my latest post.
There's a new giveaway coming up soon!


tiff said...

I've wanted to try geo lenses for the longest time...I'm definitely gonna order some eventually.

I'm glad you liked the video...I was wondering if it was bothersome that I took up all that time to apply it to my lips instead of just swatching them :).

Sarah said...

Free shipping in the U.S.!? Yaaay~ I'm so going to buy from them next time. :D

You should show a picture of what you look like with your contacts. :D

xppinkx said...

hey doll

or should i say doe eyed doll!!! be careful when you open them i sliced my finger...ahhhh the vanity!!! yeah i like my post fast and more visual so it picture vomit!!! nice spot you got here just also wanted to tell you that your really doll material...


eki said...

hi sweets~ I wanna see you wear them :D is it pretty? I got the geo tri color blue but I dont know if I like it :P model them for me please :3