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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tri-Color: Grey (CM-901) Lenses

I went to the fair not too long ago and this is me and the baby-lion toy my bf won for me :) A few of you had asked me for pictures of how the Tri-color lenses in Grey (CM-901) looked on me from my other post and I finally get to show them to you. I got these from Geo Eye Candy by the way. It is quite comfortable to wear actually.

Here's a close up without flash:

Here's one with flash:

I like the color :) I think it looks pretty subtle...What do you think?

Hope you all are ready to enjoy your weekend! :) Anybody doing anything fun?


jess ♥ said...

your eyes are gorgeous :)

Aralka said...

Wow! You are so cute. And lucky! ^-^
I'm sure you are happy with your bfriend :)

sheri amor said...

aw... if there are available ratings here in blogger i'll definitely rate ur picture with ur bear 5!! you look pretty kay!!!

nude lace turns to colour said...

love the eyes, looks beautiful!!! x

Asami said...

I like your contacts! They are dark enough that they look nice and realistic. (My sister who has dark brown eyes once tried bright blue contacts. It goes without saying that they did not look one bit believable.) Yours are a great choice for your eye color and will probably go great with any color of eye makeup.

On another note... I CAN'T BELIEVE you actually got a stuffed toy from a fair. I swear those things are rigged; I never win anything. :D

*Nehs* said...

i likey! the shot w/ flash looks gawjuss! i want..

Tish said...

I think I'm getting myself a pair of these lenses! haha! Looks very subtle, Kay.

tiff said...

I really like them...they do look pretty subtle.

I either want to be an angel or devil for halloween, but I haven't decided which one yet. How about you-are you going to dress up?

Anonymous said...

Hey! The lenses look great on you! And I'm glad to hear they are comfy to wear too =) I actually just ordered my first pair of Geo lenses recently.

stellarvixen said...

nice mesmerizing grey color cons!
like megan fox!!
wow you bf has skills in funfair games hehe what a biggie lion..

haha yea lush reviews gotya tempting..
but the smell is not for better sniff sniff before finalizing your purchase ;)
have a good weekend

Toothfairy said...

looks good on you kay! and the eyeliner too...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sugar said...

your eyes look very cute with those lenses, and it is so cute that your bf won a baby-lion for you :))

Jose Ramon Santana Vazquez said...

... ...traigo

desde mis


CON saludos de la luna al
reflejarse en el mar de la
poesia ...



JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

Hi! Thanks for following my blog, I enjoy yours! Your comments were also very nice. Hope to get to know you better over time!

Asami said...

I know JUST what you mean about those nail art pens. It's the reason why I haven't bought any more than the lone white one I currently have. I think it's convenient for those who don't want to look for a good paintbrush and bother with acrylic, but it's certainly not superior. When mine stops drawing like you mentioned, I find it's easier to push the nib down on a piece of paper and scribble with it before I touch it back to my nail, that way you can avoid getting a blob on. :)

Aralka said...

Thank you for your comment.
You are really a great person. :)

Naka said...

i never win anything at the fair :p

love ur contacts too I'm not allowed them :(

✿Ji✿ said...

Whaaa the lenses look gorgeous on you!♥
I just ordered circle lenses...hopefully they look as nice as yours!^^

amynaree said...

hi kay! wow the lens look so pretty on you! i agree it is really subtle because it's not really noticeable until someone comes up close and looks at your eyes hehe

i love going to fairs, they always have good fatty junk foods, but i no one ever wins anything for me hehe

Miss K. You said...

Hi Kay, it's okay- that was a fun tag :) Yes I do have Canon in D! I uploaded it for you:

:D Your eyes are so pretty! I think the lens look great on you. hehe it's good to have a boyfriend to win you stuff!

Masa Yume said...

I like the contacts very nice!

Contact Lenses said...
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Skye said...

just gorjuzz kay and i loveee ur winged liner

Pop Champagne said...

I like the color, it's settle yet it shows well :D and your bf won you the lion? awww so cute, every time I go to fairs I wish whoever I'm wish would win me something but that never happens! Oh and I finally replyed to your color tag, took a while to find orange things! hope you had a great weekend!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oooo that is pretty. I'm wearing tri color gray contacts too. I'm also wearing tri color green contacts. Have you heard of anime contacts? They make your eyes big and perky. I wanna try those. =)

Blovet Beauty said...

i like the color.. very exotic looking!

lucy said...

aww how sweet of your bf! and I really like the lenses :)

Zoe said...

WOW Kay, the lenses look so beautiful on ur eyes,really love the color...Ur boyfriend has skills to get u that lion toy and u look really cute in that picture with the lion, I love ur hair color^^

❤ »Twee. said...

I think the lenses look stunning with your eyes :)

Plus the eye makeup just made it looks perfect together x]

Ayse said...

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iam crazzzzzyyy but nice:D

love your blog

greets ayse

twinsouls888 said...

whoah Kay, you are one gorgeous lady, very pretty eyes ^_^

yuki*chan said...

wow your eyemake looks so pretty!!!
wish i was able to have a steady hand and do winged liner

Tammy said...

I think on dark eyes they show up almost blue? It looks lovely though :)

Anonymous said...

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