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Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Handwriting

 Kasia tagged me! :) She's such a doll.
If you're curious to see how Kasia's handwriting is, click here.

1) Your name/blogspot name.
2) Right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
3) Favorite letters to write.
4) Least favorite letters to write.
5) Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
6) Write the following words in capital letters:
7) Write your favorite song lyric.
8) Any special note or picture.

I tag:
 Miss K. You
 Sassy J'adore
Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets (My next post will be dedicated to you!)
 acutelife (Thanks so much for your recipe!)
ning * star
 Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy


Asami said...

This is a cool one! I like seeing people's handwriting. :)

Naka said...

thanks for tagging me this is a cool award ^^

Kasia_B said...

Oh it was so cool to see my name written by you :)
Thanks for all your sweet comments and doing this tag!

Sassy J'adore said...

Thanks for the tag. You're always so sweet. I will do this tag and post it on my next post. =)

Let me know if you're interested in any Clip in highlight hair extensions from my store, so I can send one to u. =)

LOLanne said...

awww your handwriting is sooo girly! my handwriting USED to be nice... recently wrote an exam anddd realized it's down to chicken scratch now... i blame it on computers :P


♥ Starryxuan said...

interesting! your handwriting look so sweet and girly :)

Catherine Fox said...

This looks like a fun tag! Your handwriting looks lovely!