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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pizza Chicago

I went to Pizza Chicago with my family on the weekend. This was my first time eating there and it was really good. We usually don't get appetizers but since this was our first time, we decided to try it all! :P

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the garlic cheese bread! I suggest you eat the regular garlic bread first if you order both because its just going to taste way blah since the one with cheese is so much more tasty.
Buffalo wings, stuffed mushrooms, and deep fried cheese sticks. This came with ranch dressing... yum.
If you like mushrooms, get this! Quite delicious :)
And the moment we have been waiting for! I'm usually not a big fan of deep-dish pizzas but I think I will make an exception for this one. I ate 2 slices although I could have stopped after 1 slice. The slices were huge and very filling. :) Made my tummy happy. :P
Sorry bout the picture quality. I forgot my camera and so I used my cell phone.

My sister was complaining when I was sending her these pictures because she wanted to see more pictures of us instead of the food. :P
I was so busy eating, I didn't get to do that so I'll just leave you with this picture of me that I forgot to include in my previous post:
Dorky me in the kiddy play corner at the art museum. :P


Kasia_B said...

OMG!! Im so hungry now! I wanna have that garlic cheese bread! I love it.
Yummy food!!

twinsouls888 said...

Whoah I miss your posts girl, welcome back ^_^. I love all the food. The garlic bread look soft and yummy ^_^.

You have an AWARD on my blog by the way ;), happy weekend.

Naka said...

awh cute cat ears and i love garlic bread *drool*

Ushishi said...

*drool* the cheesesticks + deep dish pizza look to die for, but damn, i hate not being able to eat cheese =( so many yummy cheesy foods out there .

sheri amor said...

waaaah i always wanted that cute cat ear headband XD hahahah

Sugar said...

everything looks so delicious! :)

lucy said...

aww thanks Kay! im in love with the polish atm and ive been excited to wear my new headbands so i'll post up pics asap!hehe :)
omgggg the food looks so amazinggg! I'm so hungry!! I loveee Pizza wings and garlic bread ahhhh.

Sassy J'adore said...

OMG I lovee garlic cheese bread or any garlic bread. hehe. All that food looks so yummy, but lots of calorie as well. However, once in awhile should be ok. ;)

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priincess said...

wow that looks so YUMMY!!! <3

remember to enter my giveaway for amazing prizes!

dblchin said...

I'm ssoooo fungry now!!! U fault! lol

Miss K. You said...

Aww such a cute pic, and you have cute handwriting too! I saw below hehe. I also love garlic bread, good to see you enjoying yummy food :) You should try Crawdaddy or Boiling Crab at least ONCE! I highly recommend if you like seafood.. but I would try Crawdaddy because the wait at boiling crab is ridiculous (approx 2-3 hours each time). Thank you for tagging me btw but I'm not sure I will have time to do this one =X have a lovely weekend Kay!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh my gosh the food looks delicious!!! XD My tummy started to make noises when I was staring at your pictures. lol

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Cute cat ears! And the garlic bread looks delicious ^^