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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dog Approved

I was going somewhere and I just HAD to take a picture:

Do you notice anything strange? :P
haha! This really amused me. :P The dogs in the driver's seat and it looks like he's the one driving. :P

This reminded me of the Subaru commercials I've been watching lately:


serenadeveryday said...

{*LOL!!!} this is too cute. My dog always does this! but he sits in the middle arm rest and from the side it looks like he's driving. Keep in mind my dog is TINY; he's only 4.6 lbs. =P

<3 S.

sugar sugar said...

awwww those are all so cute & funny! imagine how'd you react if you see any of those in front of you IRL hahaha! xD

[Anna] said...

Haha! It always makes me giggle. Also when you're walking along and you see a dog sitting on a bus seat but don't see the owner and you're like whhaa? did the dog get the bus by itself? hah x

Caramelle said...

hahaha awesome those dogs xD
I'm also not a quick replier, sorry! ooh, My grandparents were last week in Laos to visit vientiane! They had a really great time visiting old monuments. Yeah, I love the beach! this year we don't go to phuket ;( but to Koh Chang and then to Cambodje for two days (if it's possible to access without trouble) After this we go to Lamphun to visit family (: I never have been in Pataya, but I know my niece also really like it! aaaaw I miss the nice food from Asia! I'm always gaining weight if I'm on vacation there =p I reallyyy love sticky rice, fried chicken and fish, and 'phad Thai' ohohho and 'sai our' (or something like that xD) ^__^ What's yours (:

You should update me when you do! :P

I definitely miss all the street food! :P ahha..
what is your favorite food? :P

Nikki said...

Hahaha! The dog looks cute! :p

Hello Naka said...

lol at the vids XD but i find it creepy aswell D: and funny pic u got :p

Adelicia Kaya said...

hahaha i lol'd
its so cute how the 'driving'dog looks when the cat owns him. its like aaahwww :3
your blogs are allways so nice Kay.
Havent been on blogger for a while i'm reallly reaaaaaally busy. but i try to be a bit more active ;)
i'm going to do my acrylic nails now so i guess if it works out i will post them ;)

xxx Greetss

MKL said...

Haha.. this is funny. I haven't seen these "dog tested" commercials :P I wonder, if they made any "cat tested" ones :P

About me Aweedee said...

Hahaha that's so cute :D <3 Thnx for sharing hun <3 Huggles*