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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Mom's My Superhero

I always love shopping with my mom. :)
I got to do that a few weekends ago. O_o
This was when MAC cosmetics was promoting their Wonder Woman Collection.
To get into the theme, I turned us into a comic!
 I followed this tutorial to get this comic book effect just in case you were curious.

Heehee... mom getting ready for her make-over:

This event was a pretty popular one. A lot of people were getting makeovers and here's a little bonus pic of the models with... um.. great looking "backs". O_o

Wana see what we got?

1. MAC Wonder woman Eyeshadow x4 DEFIANCE

2. MAC Wonder Woman Lipstick HEROINE

3. MAC Wonder Woman Powder Blush ~Mighty Aphrodite~

The graphics on the boxes looked pretty awesome.
Mom laughed at the actual product packaging. She thought they looked like toys because they were plastic-looking (lipstick and blush). I thought it was not bad. Nice and bright. The eyeshadow packaging looked more sturdy. :) Maybe its made out of some sort of metal? O_o

We also bought other stuff but I'll post them another time. :P

Did you guys buy anything from MAC's Wonder Woman Spring Collection 2011? Please share! :)


Hello Naka said...

i love ur outfit ^^ and wow the packagin is amazing! and i love shopping with my mum ^^

wow i wondering how much those girtls got paid ^^;?

[Anna] said...

Aww you can see the resemblance between you two! I think the collection is pretty cool, but i think i prefer their previous releases. x

Kasia said...

Great post! I love shopping with my mom as well :)
You're very pretty, btw!


aisyah De Cullen said...

How cool! =D I've forgotten how it felt to go shopping with my mom (well, grocery shopping doesn't count..XD)..
*drooling over your haul* Lovely items you picked up ^^ I heard Mighty Aphrodite is pretty popular..=)

MKL said...

Awesome, that you go and do these things with your mum - makes my heart warm :)

sugar sugar said...

love your outfit! and you got really gorgeous items from MAC! :D

About me Aweedee said...

Your mum is so cute :)))) And so are you~ love your jacket btw <3

Haha wow i'm the exact opposite, i actually hate shopping with my mum... she looks or tries out one thing a million times, especially jeans... :)))

I love the new collection i'm totally checking em out next time i go downtown! :))

Huggles* pretty

super-rabbit said...

Nope, becox the nearest MAC counter is like 100km away, haha! But those products look very interesting and high pigmented ^^

Nikki said...

Awww you look cute with your mom! :D When i go out with mom, she always buys me a lot of stuff. love it.

sheri amor said...

waaah wonder woman,... my mom is the best too.. btw you loo a lot llike your mom!

Hello Naka said...

/reply/ thanks for ur sweet comment :3 and no i bought the dress at a charity shop and just added the hearts and bottom ruffle :3

Rosa Pel said...

love it !