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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cure to Monday Blues

Mondays don't always have to suck! :P
Treat yourself to something nice.... like a milk shake! :P
Mmmmm, fresh strawberries. :P
A very generous serving of ice-cream (vanilla bean flavored). -__- Don't look at me like that! This was for two people okay! :p
Add a bit of milk (and sugar if you like) and blend! (≧◡≦) So easy!!!
And there you have it! The strawberry milkshake that will beat the Monday blues! :p


[Anna] said...

MMMM nom. I haven't had a milkshake in agesss. x

Kasia said...

Now I want one too!!!! Looks very yummy!


Hello Naka said...

this makes me want to buy a blender so badly!!!

/reply/ and im not sure why XD I have a love nd hate relationship with them XD I secretly think its because I wanna beat my friend how also wants a six pack, but he does weight lifting :/ I'm too competitive sometimes XD

MOON said...

Uwaaa, this looks delicious! And so easy to make XD

augustalolita said...

love strawberry shakes!! especially fresh ones!! this look so yummy!!

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

YummIdy yum yum!

sheri amor said...

waaaaah X( so yummy!!!! the cream! i love strawberries!!

Anonymous said...

this looks devilishly yummy! i am staring at the whip cream :O