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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seven Beauty Characteristics

Miss [Anna] of Milk & Mookies blog (heehee! I love her blog name) tagged me! :)
So the point of this tag is to share 7 (<-- my favorite number) physical characteristics that you LOVE about yourself, and then tag 7 other people to do the same.
I thought that this was nice because it gives us the chance to appreciate ourselves (in a non-conceited way, of course -__-).

1. Hair - When I was younger, I didn't like my hair because it was short (I had a bowl-cut at one point, yikes!) and I always dreamed of having long hair like Rapunzel :p And although my hair is still not as long as her's, I still like that I can keep it long now. :)
2. Nose - I'm happy that I don't have a nose with big flaring nostrils. :p It makes it okay for me to call my mom and sister silly names like 'dragon-nostrils' when they are picking on me. :p MUAHAHHAHA!
3. Hands - I like my hands because it is very useful and it has nails for me to decorate and paint; :P

4.Flabby arms :P
Okay -___- I know I know.. I'm running out of things to love about myself... -__- cut me some slack
I guess what I really mean is I like how my arms are soft. :P haha! My sister is totally the opposite of me. :p She likes her body to be toned and firm and muscular but I'm not very into that look. :P
I don't mind the 'fit' and 'firm' part. I just don't like to look all muscular and buff because I don't think it looks very feminine. :p
5...... hmmm...
I am starting to think that this tag is a trick!
This tag is forcing you love everything about yourself. Like c'mon, -__- how many beauty characteristics can we list?
The only other beauty characteristics that I could think of that's left is 'legs'. -__- Maybe 'smile'... 'body'?.
Or maybe I just need to change the way I see myself. O_o
I think I may have ruined this whole tag because the whole point is to feel good about oneself and I'm sitting over here typing away all of this negative stuff. -__-

I apologize.

I think I also cheated by skipping a few. ><

Okay okay...
In conclusion, I LOVE MYSELF and appreciate all the characteristics I am born with and will TRY not to compare myself with other gorgeous people out there and feel self-conscious afterward.
(No sarcasm involved.)

I tag these seven lovely and beautiful people:
2.About me Aweedee
3.Adelicia Kaya
7.sheri amor


Asami said...

Only 4 things? Man! You need some self-love! :-)

Hello Naka said...

u cheater!!!!

but i found it hard and rewalised i had only posted 6 things and then had to quickly add something after i alrdy published my tag XD and tehe i don't really like muscalr and toned for the same reasons but at the same time i want a six pack XD

MKL said...

There must be like 100 things you love, but you're shy to share *blush*



[Anna] said...

:O you gotta work on that girlie! You need to love more than just 4 things about yourself.
I did feel like i was being big headed about myself after i posted the tag, but then i thought, why should i? Girls are too mean sometimes which is why everyone feels bad when they actually like something about their physical appearance.
And i had a god awful bob when i was younger as well! I hated it so much i cut my own hair and ruined it even more LOL.

Ooops sorry about the long comment :P

About me Aweedee said...

Girlie what about your gorgeous lipps? omo you have to put them on the list toooo!! D: Haha flabby arms? hahah you're just to cute <3

Thank you for the tag I just made a listmyself :))) Huggles*