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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vidal Sassoon Hot Rollers

I had a little bit of time to spare and so before I hopped onto the computer, I quickly rolled up sections of my hair (dry, not damp) in the hot rollers by Vidal Sassoon and surfed the internet until the rollers cooled down.
I'm not sure what model it is or price because a friend had given it to my mom and since its old, there is no box anymore. Sorry about that.
This is what it looks like though:

I got all excited because I barely found out how to work the bobby bins with the rollers, haha!

As for the results:

I liked how it turned out. :3 I liked how it didn't take very long too (about 20 minutes). It usually takes me about an hour to curl my whole head with the curling tongs.
I curled it at night and the curls didn't last until the morning though because my hair was all straight again when I got up. Maybe it was because my room was a bit humid? Also, I didn't use hairspray though so it would have probably stayed curly if I had used some. :p

-Easy to use
-Can do other things while curlers are on
-Rollers have different sizes

-Rollers can be hot when you try to handle them
-Hair tends to have more flyaway using these rollers compared to using curling tongs
-You look ridiculous while the rollers are still in your hair (can be a good thing if you like to make people laugh :P)

Have you used something like this before? Do you like it?


konayukiss said...

love it!! it came out adorable!

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty with curled hair!! we need more full faces pic from you ;)

ELLE said...

u soo cute!!! :)

Kasia said...

Super cute!


amynaree said...

you look so cute and girly with those curls :)

VictoriaRud said...

Love the way curls came out! So pretty!! ))

sugar sugar said...

the big curls are gorgeous! :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I used to use rollers, but I didn't like how some times I wouldn't know how my hair was going to come out until after I actually took the rollers out. And sometimes the curls wouldn't look so great. :p
But maybe it's user error


Dana Yoshimizu said...

I tried using curlers before, but didn't have the patience to keep using them. Call me lazy :p lol


My mom says something similar to me about why I'm so much smaller than my sister. She said I didn't like to eat (imagine that! lol, well look at me now!!! I love to eat!! ^__^ hahaha) But oh well, I like being small ;) lol


Hello Naka said...

your hair looks so bouncy! and ive used velcro kinda rollers, but they got stuck in my hair a couple of times so i only use it on my fringe and front bits of my hair :p and ur hair looks pretty shiny and healthy aswell im very jeaslous!

serenadeveryday said...

Hot roller are always fun. I bought a set a few years back but they are all different shapes and sizes so it takes me longer because I have to do my hair in sections.

Love how it turned out on you though, so volume and bounce. Your hair looks so soft.

<3 S.

MKL said...

Curly is cute, I luv it :)

About me Aweedee said...

Girlie you are so prettttttyy :)))))