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Monday, August 1, 2011

Crafts: DIY Bow for Gifts/Presents/Wrapping Using Magazine Paper

Whenever I want to relax and calm my mind from stress, I turn to crafting. Lately, we have been celebrating quite a few birthday parties this summer and sometimes we run out of bows whenever we wrap gifts. I'm so glad I learned how to make my own from Jessica Jone's blog, How About Orange (her tutorial: here).
They're so addicting!

I think that the magazine paper really adds a unique touch.

Maybe I will experiment using other types of paper as well. :3

What do you think?
Would you mind if your gifts were decorated with bows made out of magazine paper? :p


Jess said...

Good work--they look great!

MKL said...

No photo with the model known as Kay? ;)

amynaree said...

the bows are super cute, i especially like the middle one !

Anonymous said...

looks pretty! you are very talented.. looks just right out of the shop :)

Janel said...

Love them! I'd love to try to make some, hehe.


Hello Naka said...

oh they pretty cool :3 one of my uncles had a whole box of lucky star given to him and they used magazines and such it looks so cute though still :p