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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Made Some Stuff...

I gave them to my BFF's :P
Bear Cell Phone Charm

Flower Hair Pins

Feather Earrings with Crystals and Suede

My summer holiday is finally coming to an end after this week but it was fun and I had plenty of time to relax. Hopefully this energy and enthusiasm will last me until Christmas! :P

Man, has it been that long already though? I noticed that blogger has a new interface. I'm barely trying to get used to it. I must admit that the design looks more modern and clean. I also like how I can see all of my blogger buddy's posts better.

Have you guys switched to using the new interface already?
Liking it? :P


sheri amor said...

you made these? this is cute and amazing. !! i love that keychain

αвву M. said...

cute stuff :D

no i dont i have switched yet. might as well do ;P

aMz88 said...

they r all pretty :D i also make some DIY accessories or stuffs for my self hehe ^^ its fun and u get what u want with the design and appreciate it more ;)

Pop Champagne said...

those flower hair pins are sooo pretty! love them!

Jackie said...

love those flower hairpins!

xixi said...

So pretty, love the hairpins <333

SadeeStyle said...

very cute :)

Diana said...

I like the feather earrings! :D nice DIY's!

Anonymous said...

you are so sweet to give handmade stuff to your BFF. I'm sure they must really appreciate it! everything is so pretty and cute ^^

Alice said...

Hi Kay! I love your DIY's they are so cute! Very talented I must say. :)

Adelicia Kaya said...

the earrings are so cute.
i really do miss you! :S
talk to you soon okay?
sorry i'm not talkin much lately but i'm going through a very busy time and i'm on vacation to turkey in 18 days now!!