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Monday, August 22, 2011

I Found These Little Gems At Costco!

Yummy goodness in a box! :P

Flavors: Mocha, Raspberry, Pistachio, Chocolate O_o *droolz

Mmmmmm.... So nommy :3

I have to try and make these myself! :p
I hear its pretty tough to make.

Do you like French Macaron Cookies? :)

Do you have experience baking them? Could you share some tips, please? :p
I would be forever grateful!


aMz88 said...

gosh now im craving for some XD

CAMILLA said...

yeap i like French Macaron Cookies but i never had any exprnce baking them

Pop Champagne said...

woww costco sells them now!? I gotta check them out!!

Alexander said...

macaroons very nice. I like most of them but not all.

Alex's World! -

mestizay said...

i love macaroons! so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Naka said...

they looks so pretty ^^ i dont rreally like them though XD

Mina said...

Oh, I wish we had Costco here in our country! They really look great and delicious and I also wish I could make them myself...
Have a great week, dear friend!

decimal shoes said...

i want them so bad >.<
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Hello Naka said...

hi ^^ I dyed my hair a month ago, it was meant to be a light brown, but it didnt really work out XD and for the jumper i used 100% acrylic yarn, i thought it would be scratchy but its fine atm :) I'm wondering what it'll feel like after i've washed it several times XD

Anonymous said...

Ohh i want to see you make macarons! they are lovely, pretty treats ;)

MKL said...

Looks so delish, Kay!

Diana said...

I love macaroons :) I bake them at home

Dana Yoshimizu said...

OMG, did I read that right?!
Costco!? WUAHHHH??

I have never seen those before, my Costco must totally suck for holding out on me ;( *booooo*

I'm so jealous of you right now


Peredita said...

Those look so delicious 0_0 Omnomnomnom

αвву M. said...

nomnomnom :D

Alice said...

Macarons are my favorite! I think I will be making a trip to Costco now. :P