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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stuff I bought at Daiso

There is no Daiso store close to where my sister lives and so we all went there to check it out and buy a few things. Daiso is like a $1.50 store although they also carry items that clearly marked if they cost more than $1.50.
Daiso has a lot of interesting, cute, and useful items. It is always so fun to browse through that store! :3
I just wanted to share what I bought, if you guys would be interested to see...

1.Tape for double eyelid

2. Double eyelid glue

Has anybody tried these two eyelid products before? I'm curious to know if they are any good...
These are for my friend. Sounds kind of uncomfortable.

3. Purse hangers ("Bag Hanger Hook")

I've been meaning to get these and I've seen them ranging from $3 to $40 and so when I saw them at Daiso for $1.50 only, I had to grab them! :) I got them in pink, green and blue. I think its great for when we go out, we won't have to place our bags/purses onto the ground. :p I don't quite like the idea of dirtying or getting germs onto my bags. :p So I thought that these were such a great buy!

4. Hair brush ("soft boar bristles")
The box says it was "excellent for glossy hair", and "has no static electricity". :3

5. Self-adhesive designed fabric
I was going to try and protect my phone with this. Hopefully that will work out. If not, I will probably use it to decorate and cover other objects I can find around the house. :p It looks like it will make a plain-looking item a lot better!

I've got some pictures I wanted to share with you guys from a couple of trips I went to not too long ago too! :3 Hopefully I'll get to show you in my upcoming posts very soon. :)


Nikki said...

Oh nice things! I never bought anything for my eyelids :D
Oh cant wait to see the pictures! upload them soon! Hihihi

Naka said...

the fabric looks so cool ^^ and ive always wondered how those tapes would work i normally have a double eyelid but sometimes if i dun have enough asleep i don't XD

Rachel said...

Great finds =) I love the lil bag hanger hooks, they are so cute! =) Hope the fabric works out for you on your phone! =)

Pop Champagne said...

haha my sister bought some eyelid tape a while ago, she says it hurts after a while of having them on! man I wish there's a daiso here. everytime I go to van I go to daiso!

Asami said...

I LOVE Daiso! The Daiso in San Diego is where I got all of my nail gemstones. It's so fun there. I buy all the cute papers, notebooks and Japanese pens and candies. :-D

Asami said...

Just got your response, aw, that is too bad that they didn't have any nail stuff. I know some Daiso's don't carry any. The one in San Diego was great but I went to another in Gardena and they didn't have any nail stuff! Guess it just depends. Still, they had some cute papers anyway. :-)

hkittygirl said...

Those bag hanger things are so incredibly useful! Tell me if those double eyelid things are comfortable or not!

Anonymous said...

you found some great bargains!! I want the bag hanger, lol! I gotta hunt one down now at my local daiso..

✿Ji✿ said...

I've always wanted a bag hanger! They're so cute!:)

J. said...

Love the purse hangers!
I am now following! ;]

I like your blog it is very "girly" lol