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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi guys :)

This post isn't going to be very fun and with lots of pictures. I usually like to keep words to a minimum but today I just felt like talking, I guess.

Haven't been blogging much lately but I've been experiences lots of unexpected things.
My bf's grandmother had passed away a few weeks ago and I tried to help with what I could, mainly just giving support and care to my bf and his family. It was quite sad but my bf and his family are strong people. I'm so glad that I got to be with them throughout the whole funeral and mourning process.
That incident really reminded me to be grateful for still having lots of people I love around me and to not take life for granted.

I went to the dentist two days ago to have two of my molars pulled out. I must say, Ibuprofen is my best friend at the moment. I feel like my cheek is ten times bigger than it really is. Mom's been singing this "fat cheek squirrel" song to me a lot (she had just made it up yesterday). Haha... its not so funny when I'm the "fat cheek squirrel" but if my pain and suffering makes my mom laugh, I'm happy. :p At least its nice to know that my mom has a good sense of humor huh...

I do have some good news coming up though! :)
I'm so excited about my sister coming to visit me all the way from Canada! :) She was supposed to arrive today but her flight got canceled. Boo! She'll still be arriving tomorrow so I'm still happy! Super exciting!!! :)

Hope you all are doing great! :)

But before I go, I wanted to share this video I just watched.
This dog is definitely a HERO!!!


Karen said...

Hi Kay, I enjoy reading update posts! Glad your bf's family is standing strong.. I always feel sad when I hear about death :( I'll be sure to remember Ibuprofen if I my wisdom teeth come out.. x-rays have shown that I have all 4! I almost cried when I saw the doggie getting hit on the highway.. it's such a relief to hear it survived. The hero dog makes me appreciate animals even more, thank you for sharing that! Yup Lisa (HQCD) does have some beauty products now.. and my eyebrows? :P I have naturally sparse eyebrows so I all do is pluck little strays and sometimes fill in and darken with some eyebrow powder/shadow. Take care and have fun with your sis! Funny how I just came back from Vancouver yesterday.. will blog about that soon :)

Naka said...

sorry ot hear about ur bf's grandmother but atleast he has a sweet gf to help him :)
and i hope your teeth/mouth is feeling better ^^

Kasia_B said...

Oh I know what it feels to have teeth pulled out :/ and the huuuge cheek after all :D
I saw that video a few months ago and was like WOW! Yes, he is a hero, a real friend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kay thanks for finding me :) Sorry to hear about your bf's grandmother, i went through that too a few yrs ago with my then-bf and now husband. Im sure your bf appreciates all the support you give him!

Dina (XYYan) said...

My condolence for your bf's loss. glad that they're standing strong.
I've seen this hero dog, it's really amazing how animal can do sometimes :D

amynaree said...

sorry to hear about your bf's loss :(

on a happy note i'm really loving your new banner and layout, so cute!