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Friday, June 26, 2009

More Blog Awards/Tags from such lovely ladies! <3

I got tagged by Nailz-iN-Aus and Sassy Jadore!!! Both are so so sweet!

The rules:1. Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.2. Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.3. Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.4. Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged.5. Paste the award badge in your side bar.

Interesting facts about Nailz-iN-Aus:
Nailz-iN-AuS tagged me for the "Uber Amazing Blog" and also the "I heart your blog" awards! :)
Nailz-iN-AuS is a very sweet sweet blogger from Australia.
Her nails are so pretty! She comes up with a lot of very creative nail art. One of my recent nail art posts was inspired by Nailz-iN-AuS's watermelon nail art! :) very cute design. I got quite a lot of compliments on my watermelon nails :P
Nailz-iN-AuS is such a wonderful person to talk to! she's so fun! She is also very supportive and encouraging :)
Right now, her nails are shorter than she usual likes but she still comes up with lots of fun nail polish swatches and designs to share!
Click here if you want to visit Nailz-iN-Aus's awesome blog!

Facts/Hobbies of myself:
1. I like all things girly: beauty, hair, nails, etc so its exciting to read and see so many talented ppl's beauty blogs.
2. One of my hobbies is crafts. I like to try to make things myself.
3. I prefer motorcycles over cars.
4. I got to live in Thailand for 5 years.
5. I get motion-sick quite easily but I still like rollercoasters.
6. I'm allergic to seafood but still eat it anyway. I think it's one of my favorite types of food. :P
7. My favorite number is seven.
8. My favorite color is pink.
9. I visited Japan only once.
10. I have grown quite addicted to blogging! :P

Ten Most deserving recipients:
1. Sassy Jadore- She's so awesome! She has such a FABULOUS beauty blog! She also shares cute japanese mag scans, movie reviews, and yummy looking food/desserts...
I like her little outfits she picks out to go out too.
2. Ekimura- loves all things kawaii! super cute and kind too :) She's a very talented makeup artist and has many great makeup reviews. She also makes very cute hair accesories (bows, headbands, etc).
3.Monika- Loves fashion! :) She also is very knowledgeable with all things beauty since she used to work as a pro! ;) very pretty and her dog is oh-so-cute!
4. Katrina- She's a princess! :) Beautiful person with a beautiful family. She shares so many sexy looks and her baby is adorable!
5. Nic Nic- I love her accent!!! Another pretty beauty blogger with lots of great product reviews. I've been loving her bold looks she has been coming up with lately!
6. Bittenbefore- Such a cute japanese girl. :) Love looking at all of her fun pics. She is also so crafty! I hear her brush rolls are quite popular! :)
7. V (Cupcake couture)- has a very cute cupcake notebook! :P So many cute hauls (clothes, makeup, accessories)! Has a lot of Lush products and cute bath bombs and fizzies :)
8. Pop Champagne- Her posts always make me laugh. Great sense of humor. Fun person! :) Makes cute bows and takes very photogenic pics! :)
9. Narita- She just went to vegas and it was so fun looking at all of the pictures! looks like a fun place to go visit one day ;) She packs all of her beauty essentials so well! fit so many things in one bag!!! :o amazing...
10. Oh Puffcake- Very cute! I love her natural looks :) Another crafty one.. i'm quite interested in the engraving arts she had in one of her posts. Her cooking posts always make me hungry! :P

Sassy Jadore was so sweet to also nominate this very cute Butterfly Award :) I nominate everybody above for this award as well! :)
Also, I wanted to nominate:

-Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets
-Confessions of a Soapaholic -
-Crystalize Me
- MakeUp & LoVe
-My Sweet Fix
- Nani's Nails
- Sweet Sugar
-The Diva's Polish


Sugar said...

wow! thanks for the butterfly award sweetie!
you've just made my day sooo great!

Sugar :)x

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Thanks Kay!! you deserve all the awards too :D congrats!!

Cupcake Couture said...

Thank you so much for the award!!! I got my cupcake notebook at Target ;)

You're too cute


Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets said...

Hi sweetie,

I came on over here to say hi and tell you how adorable you are. All of a sudden I read my name! Thank you so much hun! And you totally deserve the award :D


Natalie said...

Tagged you too!

Nailz-In-Aus said...

hEY HUN h0w are you????Hope yourr well thanx for continuing the award mwaaaaaaaaahhhhh! take care g0rjuz xo