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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Like New Toys

This is one of the exciting things I got on my birthday:

A Square Perfect SP500 Platinum Photo Studio!!!!
Everything was tucked in so neatly inside this huge zippered case!
This whole kit includes:
  • 2 Photo Tents 
    • (one in size 12 x 12" x 12") <-- great for quick and small items :3
    • (one in size 30 x 30" x 30") <-- HUGE!!!
  •  4 backgrounds (Black, Red, Blue, White) for each of the Photo Tents (8 total)
  • 2 lights (with stands)
  • 1 Tripod for camera
Hehehe... The smaller tent all set up. (I think I might have put the front photo-tent flap the wrong way though -__-;)
I don't think the tripod that comes in this set works too well for the smaller photo tent so I use my GorillaPod ;)


Haha, I can see why I got this gift though because look at my old "photo studio" setup; I made it using cardboard, tissue-paper and lots of tape:
Hahaha! Kind of pathetic huh! I was using my room lights and desk lamp as lighting. :P It still worked though. The old "photo tent" was just a bit bulky because it doesn't fold up as fancy as the new one I got. :)
(Just in case you were wondering, that item I was taking a picture of was for my ebay store)

How does your photo setup look like?
What kind of equipment/accessories do you use when taking your pictures? :)


decimal shoes said...

i want to have it too >.<
Decimal Shoes

Jossie said...

Wow that is so awesome! I just have sunlight, my hands and my camera, lol!!

sheri amor said...

thats a pretty neat toy you have.. and an expensive one :P hehe i usually take pictures without those things. i last saw those when i had my grad picture taken. i missed you :)

Anonymous said...

your set up looks amazing! I feel like such a amateur when I see your set-up! LOL.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Woah, NICE setup!!

I don't have anything special, I just pray for good lighting & snap pictures with my point and shoot camera. Lol