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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Unique Shoes!

I was admiring Kobi Levi's amazing footwear designs on his blog, Kobi Levi- Footwear Design.
They are so so unique! I love his style. I wonder where I can get these :p

These are some of my favorites!
Chewing Gum
Kitty pumps! So clever!
Mother & Daughter. Awww how cute!

Aren't his designs amazing???
Do you guys own any shoes that are similar to anything like these?


About me Aweedee said...

Haha the shewing gum once are awesome :D i dont know if i would want to wear em. thnx for sharin girlie. This is one of the reasons i love your bloggie. You post interesting and fun stuff :)))


CAMILLA said...

such a unique shoes....

[Anna] said...

omgosh! These shoes are so amazing! The chewing gum one especially! want them hehe

aMz88 said...

oh my this is so interesting :D
thanks for posting ^^

Gnetch said...

The kitty pumps look cute!!! :)

lucy said...

thanks for the comment Kay!
those shoes are so interesting! haha I don't think i've ever seen or own anything like it!

Hello Naka said...

those bana shoes made me laugh they r so cute :3 i cant see my self wearing tyhem though :(

MKL said...

The kitty pumps look like a dog, haha :P Great find!