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Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Passionate" and "Shy" Describe My Nails Today

I was curious so I got one of those color changing nail polish from the "Mood Swing" collection by icing.

I got the Mood Swing nail polish in the color: Passionate/Shy

Hmm... I don't really notice a change in color... yet. Did I do it wrong?

I liked how "mood" nail polishes made some of you guy's nails create a gradient effect.
But then again, my fingers are feeling a bit cold at the moment. O_o

This polish's finish is matte (something I did not expect); Not that it bothers me but I decided to brush a couple of layers of top coat (same one I used in here) over it anyway.

Maybe I will experiment with this later. :p

You own any of these polishes? Which colors? :p Do they work for you?


CAMILLA said...

i never own those brands
but it looks nice

Coco Tai said...

I want this now. haha. I am so easily convinced /:

Hello Naka said...

it has a nice sheen with the top coat ^^ and i love the colour ^^ its a cool concept ive never heard of colour changing nail polish!

SadeeStyle said...

very beautiful nails and pretty color

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